3 June 2014

KL Steamboat Station @ Zenith Corporate Park, Petaling Jaya

We had our buffet steamboat in KL Steamboat Station nearby Paradigm Mall which was quite OK for us. Thanks to LivingSocial, we had the whole place all to ourselves for a deal. However, even though the voucher states no booking required during weekdays, its recommended to call first as they seem to always have events that occupy all the restaurant seats. FYI, KL Steamboat Station is halal.
Condiments & Noodles
There are a few selections of noodles, and condiments to choose from. For grilling purposes, only plain butter is given as the oil base to grill your delights.

Ready-made Dishes
There are 4-5 ready made dishes that day that includes Assam Laksa, noodles, and etc. However, even though we arrive at 6 pm, they did not refill the dishes at all, making some dishes unavailable throughout the night.

Vegetables & Seafood!
Meat Galore
Steamboat & Grill Ingredients
Their steamboat and grill selections were quite limited as it includes vegetables, poultry, seafood, and processed frozen food. As compared to other steamboat buffet restaurants, they were not much selections to choose from. Marinated specialities includes plum & black pepper flavours.

Grilling some prawns!

For your steamboat broth, they serve either chicken or tom yam flavour soup to pour all your delicacies into the pot! The tom yam flavour was quite flavourful and spicy for patrons who loved an extra spiciness.

Sushi Train
In the middle of the restaurant, there is a train carrying steamboat delights. Although its moving, I'm not sure whats the purpose for. There was nothing on the train though.

Dessert & Cookies
Chocolate Fountain
Choose your cookies and dipped them in this luscious chocolate fountain!

Beverages are served such as soft drinks, coffee, juices, and ABC!

KL Steamboat Station

KL Steamboat Station
My verdict? Maybe wrong timing to arrive after an event where they were almost nothing left to choose from. Could use some improvements in the near future.

Behind Paradigm Mall,
43A -G, Block D, 
Zenith Corporate Park, 
Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya, 47301 
03-7887 7000