22 April 2015

KK Food & Bakery Bake Fiesta (KKBBF) Media Invitation

Hey KK peeps! A great local food fair is making a comeback for their 2nd time, KK Food & Bakery Bake Fiesta 2nd Edition is back in Kota Kinabalu at Oceanus Waterfront Mall on 24th-26th April 2015! We were invited to their press conference about their event which will showcase a great list of KK's finest local eateries.

A few fun-filled events will be running throughout the workshop which includes Guess The Weight, Maths in Sushi and etc,

Do head down this weekend with your friends and family since admission is free!

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31 March 2015

New Dim Sum Menu @ Tasty Wok, Venition Club, Kota Kinabalu [Invited Review]

Hey KK peeps! Craving for some dim sum any time of the day? Tasty Wok in Venition Club has a new dim sum menu which is freshly prepared by the chef upon ordering. A small menu to choose from in a quiet and relax ambiance of the restaurant.

Tasty Wok Dim Sum 

Shrimp Dumplings (RM 7.50)

Satay Ox Tripe (RM 5.50)

Pan Fried Dumplings (RM 5.50)

Papaya Puff (RM 6.50)

Beef Porridge (RM 5.50)

Sweet Potato Balls (RM 5.50)

Red Dates Pudding (RM 5.50)

Coconut & Peanut Buns (RM 5.50)

Golden Lava Buns (RM 6.50)

Stewed Lamb Ribs

Dim Sum Menu
Curious? Head over to Tasty Wok to try their new range of dim sum which can ordered any time of the day, making it a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even supper session!


Tasty Wok
Venition Club
Off Jalan Lintas (Lido-Kepayan),
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Business Hours: 8am - 12am
Tel: 088-729188
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10 March 2015

50% Off all feuillete @ Delifrance (9-13 March)

Delifrance's Promotion is here!

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3 March 2015

The Coffee Lab @ Taman Soon Kiong, Kota Kinabalu

Hidden away from the busy city strets of Kota Kinabalu, The Coffee Lab definitely brings a cool and relaxing vibe to the food scene in KK. It might be hard to notice at first the location of this place, just look for the big Frankie Interior Design board and the cafe is located just below the sign. What I like about The Coffee Lab is the quiet location that is a suitable for a relaxing chit-chat, and the affordable price of their food & beverage list making it a great place to hangout. Sorry for the low quality pics though as the shots has been taken through my smartphone.
The Ice Chocolate (RM 7.00)

Nuttellano Affagato (RM 8.00)
 Now, who doesnt like Nutella? This Affagato carries a bittersweet flavour that is quite pleasing to taste.

Baked Mashed Potatoes (RM 5.50)
 A simple light dish with a creamy texture in every bite of it. However, the spice might be just a little too much. Overall, still a good dish.

Mac & Cheese (RM 3.00)
 This dish was a little watered down, but for RM 3, who's complaining?

Peach Float (RM 6.00)
 We like to thank The Coffee Lab for the complimentary peach float as it tasted luscious. Remember to taste the crumbs together with the peach & cream for a union of flavours!

The Coffee Lab

The Coffee Lab

The Coffee Lab
Generally, a good location for a quick meal as they even serve some rice dishes. They also seems to incorporate items for sale such as coffee makers and cool furnitures that surely has a unique concept. Do remember to visit during their business hours as they are closed during night time!

The Coffee Lab (Frankie Interior Design),
Taman Soon Kiong,
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Business Hours: 8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Tel: 088-232060
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27 January 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 @ Tasty Wok, Venition Club, Kota Kinabalu [Invited Review]

Tasty Work has rolled out its Chinese New Year 2015 set menu which consists of mutiple course dishes or ala carte CNY specials. We were lucky to be invited to have a preview on some on their dishes since CNY is just around the corner! A big shoutout to Jessy for extending her invitation to this food tasting session with other fellow bloggers! 

Prosperity Platter
 The prosperity platter seems to have a nice amount of seafood and sure is inspiring to have a look!

Yee Sang

Steamed Cod Fish
 Instead of the fried/steamed versions, a generous portion of steamed cos fish was served with a nice amount of gravy.

Golden Roasted Chicken
 Crispy skin all the way to the core!

Salt & Pepper Prawns

Braised Oysters with Black Moss

Chef's Special Lamb Stew
 This ala carte lamb stew can be separately ordered which is one of the Chef's signature dishes.

Homemade Hot & Cold Puddings
 For desserts, this deep fried puddings was certainly something special!

Yee Sang Tossing Session!

Tasty Wok CNY 2015 Menu

Thats it! A preview of some of the CNY dishes we have in Tasty Wok. Do note that a min. of 3 days advance booking is required for the RM 778+ CNY set menu. So, do call advance if you are interested!


Venition Club
Off Jalan Lintas (Lido-Kepayan),
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Business Hours: 8am - 12am
Tel: 088-729188
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