21 May 2014

I Lotus Seafood Restaurant @ Kepayan Point, Kota Kinabalu

As I have arrived back in Kota Kinabalu, the first thing I did was had dinner with my family to celebrate Mummy's birthday. After running out of ideas especially eating in the few typical Chinese places in KK, I've decided to venture into I Lotus Seafood Restaurant located in Kepayan Point that raves about its large pumpkin soup. 

Double Boiled Pumpkin with Seafood Soup (RM100+)

Double Boiled Pumpkin with Seafood Soup (RM100+)
This signature dish was made up of a humongous pumpkin boiled with premium ingredients such as scallops, abalone, mushroom, and seafood. The flavour and taste was quite rich with the pumpkin essence ~ that reminds me of a Chinese style pumpkin broth soup. It is definitely something new for us but is it worth it for such price? Well, it comes down to personal taste and level. One serving is enough to feed 8-10 ppl and requires advanced booking on this dish.

Pineapple Chicken (RM 15)
 A simple crispy fried chicken glazed with sweet and sourness of the pineapple. A good luscious taste for a simple bite.

Sliced Beef with Black Pepper Sauce (RM 15)
 A simple sliced beef dish that envelopes a heavy amount of black pepper in its taste. It is also tossed in capsicums, tomatoes, and onions. I do not really loved it as it was too peppery for me.

iLotus Special Coconut Prawn (RM 25)
This dish is to die for. Their special curry flavour prawn broth fused with coconut meat gives a rich flavour in your mouth and also goes well with your rice. The prawns are fresh and baked buns (see below) are served for you to dip your bun in the sauce. Oh, you can request for extra buns if you want. This dish is a good hit on the taste buds! 

Buns that goes with the ~ iLotus Special Coconut Prawn (RM 25)

Pi pa Tofu (RM 15)
A simple classic tofu that resembles the "Pi pa" which is a Chinese musical instrument. This homemade tofu was certainly light in taste and has a fine texture on it.

Stir-fried HK Kai Lan with Shredded Butter Egg Yolk (RM 15)
 When I saw this dish name, I was first surprised and enthusiastic about its taste and complexity. However, after trying few bites, I was wrong as the butter and egg yolk did not really compliment and fused with the Kai Lan.

Durian Pudding (RM 8 per bowl)
After dinner, you can have a variety of desserts to choose from. We have selected the Durian pudding which was quite delicious on its top but too floury on its bottom that makes it a little wee bit dry.

I Lotus @ Kepayan Point
Fresh Seafood
I Lotus @ Kepayan Point
Overall, a above average experience for us. Do make a reservation if you have big parties or require their signature dishes. My verdict? Worth a visit but nothing to shout about.


Block C, Lot 13, Ground Floor,
Kepayan Point Shoplots,
88200 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-723115