2 November 2012

Seoul Garden @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

At first, I was skeptical going to Seoul Garden in 1 Utama for their steamboat/grill lunch as I was not a big fan of buffet steamboats as quantity overshadows quality. However, I was wrong as the food spread out here were actually appetizing to look at and marinated to certain delicious flavors when you either grill or dip it. Weekday lunch hours are fully packed with families, students, and office staff grabbing a heavy lunch meal. Do come early to avoid dissapointment.

Steamboat + Grill

Seoul Garden Price
Prices here are about RM 30 per pax for lunch or RM 40 for dinner. However, Seoul Garden seems to have massive promotions if you are a student, senior citizen, travelling in a group of 3, or having certains cards, would give you discounts. Head over to their website if you want to learn more about their promotion here.

Unfortunately, no photo taking are allowed at their steamboat bars and I was lazy to ask the management to let me take some shots. Instead, I just took some shots on any platters on my table.

Oiled Grilled Plate
Sit down and the staff will start lighting up your grill and serve you with a refillable mini steamboat using cube chicken stock based soup (I prefer if they can prepare their own chicken stock). By the way, the grill stove is changeable once you used it too long with burnt leftover meats or veges. 

Seafood Choices
Their seafood are a mixture of some fresh choices like the squids and sliced fish, and not-so-fresh options like their prawns. I loved how they marinated each seafood with great flavours such as kimchi, spicy chili, garlic and etc. Loved their squids though.

Chicken & Beef Platter
I was amazed when I saw they serve coffee chicken/beef on their meat bar. I decided to try it right away as I was so curious on what it taste like.

Cook! Cook! Cook!
Grilling was fast and efficient here. As I took a bite of the coffee chicken/beef, it was great if you like the bitterness of coffee beans enveloping the meat. Dip it in their extensive choices of sauces (around 15 types of sauce).
Vege Steamboat + Seafood Grilling
 Not much of vegetable choices served here.

Grilled Stove are Changeable F.O.C! 
 Although the place is packed with people that day, their service was fast.

1 Utama Seoul Garden
Overall, the food here are quite good which was above my expectation. A good option for a mixture of quantity and quality steamboat/grill buffet.


Seoul Garden at 1 Utama Shopping Centre 

LG345, Lower Ground Floor 
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Opening hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm

Reservation : 03-7722 1339, 03-8065 3166 
Fax : 03-8065 3066 
Seoul Garden