13 October 2012

Ah Tuan Ee Nyonya Cuisine @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Ah Tuan Ee's Place is a warm and welcoming homely restaurant, a place to rekindle your tastebuds with flavours of homecooked food. Serving authentic Nyonya cuisine in SS2 just next to the New Paris Restaurant, the place was small which gave a warm homely feeling to it. A quiet secluded restaurant with limited seats available. Click here for the menu & pricing : Ah Tuan Ee's Menu & Pricing 

aTe's Golden Tau Hoo

Curry Fish Head
Their signature curry fish head was one of the best I ever tried so far :P. Using garoupa fish and cooked in a pot filled with brinjals, lady fingers, tomatoes, spring onions & tao pok, the rich taste was permeating in their light & spicy sauce which was not overwhelming but just right. Yum ! We all were loving it.

A simple Hong Kong kailan dish for my vegetarian friend.

aTe's Golden Tau Hoo
Another one of their signature dish, their aTe's Golden Tau Hoo was really great and delicious ! Using their own homemad egg beancurd, it was fried and then topped with a big chunk of juicy mixed meat and spring onions to finish off their great taste! You can choose either spicy or non spicy.

Sweet Ginger Chicken
I loved how they cook their sweet ginger chicken. The marinated chicken pieces were cooked and drenched in sweet sauce and sweet ginger pickles really compliment well the sauce! However, do not like the excess flour they used to thicken the gravy.

Chai Poh Nui
Their chai poh nui was a bit salty to me. This dish was a combination of preserved radish & eggs cooked in a simple omelette style.

Some great cendol to to balance off some saltiness and spicyness.

Drinks !
Overall, a great place for family gatherings but it may be proven pricy for some given the quantity served are small.

Click here for the menu & pricing : Ah Tuan Ee's Menu & Pricing


74(same row with New Paris), 
Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya, 47300
Tel: 03-7957 2915

Ah Tuan Ee's Place