17 November 2014

Tasty Wok @ Venition Club, Kota Kinabalu [Invited Review]

The Venition Club (known as the Venitian Club in the past) houses two very different dining options: Tasty Wok that encompasses pork-free Chinese delicacies & Vino Bar & Grill that serves luscious Western dishes! Fortunately, we at malaysiacuisine.com were invited to have a food tasting session with other fellow bloggers in these two dining venues. In this post, the Tasty Wok restaurant is first explored.

Fried Chicken Wings
 Firstly, the deep-fried chicken wings was served to us that was prepared with their own spices.

Salted Egg Prawns
 Large prawns enveloped in shredded-infused salted egg butter that just speaks the freshness of local Sabah seafood goodness.

Black Pepper Lamb

Tasty Wok's Signature Fried Rice
Do not forget their signature dish that is appealing and tasteful. This dish is presented well and delicious when consumed that includes:
  • A serving of fried rice
  • A serving of Tasty Chicken
  • A serving of sunny side up egg :)
  • A serving of vegetable salad 

Golden Sand Tofu
A recommended tofu dish to include your list when visiting Tasty Wok! The simplicity of the home-made tofu was accompanied with the rich abundance flow of dried shrimps and scallions.  

Taiwanese Three Cup Tasty Chicken
Tasty Wok's Tasty Chicken reveals their twist of the famous Taiwanese three cups chicken that embraces the bold and strong flavours in their sauce. 

Black Bean Braised Rice Noodle with Beef
A simple hor fun dish that was well balanced in flavours and taste. Portion-wise is quite filling for one person.

Tasty Wok Dishes

Other Bloggers & Media

Tasty Wok is definitely a place to visit as many local patrons eat here during lunch and dinner hours. The cozy ambience and affordable price certainly makes this a spot to have some quality time. 

Stay tuned for the next post on Vino Bar & Grill which is under the same roof! 

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Venition Club
Off Jalan Lintas (Lido-Kepayan),
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Business Hours: 8am - 12am
Tel: 088-729188