26 August 2014

The B Side @ Lido Plaza, Kota Kinabalu

After another long hiatus of posting due to my studies, finally I can take a breath and catch up with my postings! Initially, when I was back in Kota Kinabalu, my buddy has suggested me to visit The B Side cafe that serves artisanal coffee, gourmet pastries, and contemporary savouries that is certainly another hotspot for locals to enjoy.
Softshell Crab Pasta (RM 18.00)
 Their Softshell Crab Pasta is a must try! The pasta was lightly seasoned and topped off with a large portion of deep fried soft shell crab that was crunchy and chewy in every bite we had. The flavours were certainly fused well with the addition of crab roe and alfalfa sprout in between.

Eggs Benedict (RM 16.00)
 Although it was a dinner session, I opted to try their eggs Benedict in which they serve breakfast menu all day long. The poached egg was quite good, however the lack of seasoning and flavour does need a little push in it. For such price, I'm not sure if local KK'ians are ready to pay this price as what we have in KL (e.g. Antipodean, Coffea Coffee, etc) for breakfast.

Eggs Benedict (RM 16.00)

Gourmet Cakes & Pastries
 Aside from the main meals offered in the menu, they are also various pastries and truffles for you to choose from which are freshly prepared.

Chocolate Truffle Torte (RM 9.00)

Their chocolate truffle torte was simply divining that reminds me of a chocolate Nutella explosion in your mouth. Recommended!

Piccolo Latte (RM 8.00)
 Nothing is complete without trying their roasted coffee, their version of Piccolo Latte was quite average for us though.

Local Photographs
 Nice photographs of the local KK's scene.

The B Side @ Lido Plaza
Do head here earlier as patrons seems to occupy most of the time due to the lack of seating space. Our verdict? Worth a visit as KK is starting to move into this scene.


Lot 21, Ground Floor, 
Lido Plaza, Jalan Nosoob, 

Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday, closed every Monday) : 10am - 11pm 
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 9am - 12am