19 July 2014

Check-In Dining @ 88 Marketplace, Kota Kinabalu [Invited Review]

Hey KK peeps! Today's post will reveal KK's first aviation theme restaurant; Check-In Dining at 88 Marketplace which we at malaysiacuisine.com were invited to have a sample of what they have to offer. The place certainly has a aviation-themed pop in its decor which was really surprisingly nice to enjoy. On top of that, menu prices in this restaurant are kept affordable for everyone without compromising its flavour and quality. Do read more below!

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon - RM 13.90

Caesar Salad with Chicken Ham - RM 9.90

Soup of the Day - RM 6.90

Shrimp Paste Chicken Wing - RM 9.90
 A combination of marinated shrimp flavours onto chicken wings definitely is a must-try that has the right amount of crispiness and taste.

Cheese Meat Ball  - RM 13.90

Fish & Chips - RM 16.90
 A generous portion of Fish & Chips were served that was quite interesting!

Chicken Cutlet - RM 16.90

Sirloin Steak - RM 25.90

Fish Fillet Cheese Baked Rice - RM 13.90
 The cheese baked rice was baked nicely and seasoned well with right amount of cheese.

Chicken Chop Fried Rice - RM 12.90

Carbonara Chicken - RM 13.90

Beef Burger - RM 14.90
 For such price, the beef burger was simply divining and the patty was tender and juicy in every bite!

Hot Chocolate - RM 7.90
 A simple hot chocolate beverage topped with marshmallows and more choco-guilt sauce!

Panna Cotta - RM 6.90
 Craving for some Italian dessert? The Panna Cotta is a winner and recommended to all patrons. Served in a unique potted plant style, the sweetness was balanced well !

Chocolate Fondue - RM 28.90
Their chocolate sauce has just the right amount of sweetness which is accompanied by servings of fruits, breadsticks, and marshmallows!

Group shot with fellow Bloggers & Owners!
 Special thanks to Jessy & Sean for inviting us over, Bloggers Chloe (chloetiffanylee.blogspot.com) and Frankie (foodiotkk.com) for the great evening!

Check-In Dining

Check-In Dining
In addition, new menu dishes will be introduced from time to time. So, what-cha waiting for? Check-in to board Check-In Dining @ 88 Marketplace and sample their affordable & luscious menu! Do tell us below in the comments about your experience!

@Pictures by Ken Wong

Block E, Lot 3, 
Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/2,
88 Marketplace, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-221152