4 May 2014

Tang Shifu @ 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

Healthy cooking is crucial especially in today's generation of health and beauty. Thanks to LivingSocial, I have experienced a very healthy dose of food in Tang Shifu in which every dish is described its health benefits. Although there was a slight misunderstanding between us and the staff that served the wrong dish to us (too little workforce during weekends), still they manage to cope with the heavy patrons visiting their outlets for dinner.

Snow Mountain Lotus Black Chicken Soup (RM38.90)

Snow Mountain Lotus Black Chicken Soup (RM38.90)
The soup was quite rich with the black chicken essence and mushrooms that contains high nutritional value for the body. You can feel the flavours permeating in every sip on this 5-6 hours simmered broth. Their soup reminded me of Mum's soup that she loves to boil for us. 

Claypot Beancurd with Sliced Dory Fish and Pickled Olive (RM 26.90)
 We were not loving this dish as the dory fish was too salty and the overall dish was watered down with pickled olive sourness. The beancurd was not as delicious or chewy as I guess it was cooked too long.

Cordycep Flower & Japanese Mushroom with Sliced Pork (RM 38.90)
Cordycep Flower & Japanese Mushroom with Sliced Pork (RM 38.90)
 This recommended dish was also not delicious as it looks in the menu. The sliced pork seems to be overcooked as it was a little hard and the gravy was too watered down in which we can really taste the flavours of the ingredients used.

Stir Fried French Bean with Pu Er Tea (RM 15.90)
 Among all the dishes, I was satisfied with this stir fried french beans as it was cooked just right with Pu Er elements brewing in every bite! This dish is also good to relieve body heat and blood pressure. Never seem to disappoint me when every time I ordered this.

Buddha Jump Over The Wall (RM 69.90)
Well, premium ingredients that doesnt resemble the menu but the gravy was rich with the premium seafood ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, scallops, etc. This dish offers a dose of collagen and is beneficial to kidney & lungs.

Tang Shifu Plum Tea (RM 9.90)
A refreshing plum tea to open our tastebuds that was a little too sour for us but still good.

Tang Shifu @ 1 Utama
Overall, I had a ~meh experience here, if it wasn't for the vouchers, I do not think I would come back here for the time being. My verdict? Well, I guess it worth a visit if they are having some promotional offers.

LG-321 New Wing 
1-Utama Shopping Mall 
Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya