21 January 2014

Signature Steam Tilapia Fish @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya

Just opposite if Restoran Wah Cheong in Seksyen 17, lies a stall that offers their signature steam Tilapia fish for only RM 12! In these hard times of rising costs, this is definitely good for budget conscious meals.

Signature Steam Tilapia Fish (RM 12)
For such price, expect average flavours and freshness. I would not complain much as the price is cheap but you get quite a decent dish with good sweet and spicy sauce that goes well with your rice. For take-away you have to add RM 3 = RM 15.

Signature Steam Tilapia Fish (RM 12)
Green Vegetables
Some green vegetables that was stir fry to compliment our fish.

Free Soup!
Free soup were given, but dun expect much as it was a simple sup kosong style.

Signature Steam Tilapia Fish Stall

Chinese Tea
Overall, a good budget meal when you do not want to splurge much. There was not much people, so getting a seat would be easy.