10 January 2014

Earn extra cash cooking at home @ Malaysia

Hey Malaysian peeps! As we start a fresh new year of 2014, most of us are worried of increased financial cost and lifestyle. If you can cook, why not earn some extra cash at the comfort of your own kitchen? PlateCulture offers a platform for you to list your kitchen for free at any dates on when you want to cook and enjoy having people on board. Be it Chinese, Indian, Malay, or Western cuisines, you are paid for each time you cook through your bank or Paypal account. Interested? Read on below! 

Follow these steps to start earning some extra cash !
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  • List your kitchen at PlateCulture for FREE at selected dates that you are free to cook & host at the comfort of your home or outdoor areas. (You get free photoshoots too!)
  • Show off your cooking skills and passion in the kitchen while waiting for guests to arrive.
  • Greet guests of all nationalities and most importantly, enjoy the night of good food & conversation!
  • Finally, earn extra cash in your bank account or through Paypal paid by PlateCulture!
  • Its simple,easy, and safe! (Worried about safety? Read here!)