9 November 2013

Osaka Travel Trip 2013 @ Part 5 (Osaka - Namba)

In the last two days of my Osaka Trip, I walked around in Osaka city itself. I will break this place into two different post; this post focuses more on shopping while the next post would be on tourists landmarks. After breakfast I decided to head down to Kuromon Market which is similiar to Nishiki Market in Kyoto but smaller. Since shopping malls were not open yet, I walked around Kuromon while hunting some hot fresh Unagi which is my favourite!  

Kuromon Market

Kuromon Market
 Basically, you can buy most of the seafood delicacies here. Items to lookout for are dried & packaged seafood goods such as oysters, and scallops. You can have also have fresh seafood food here on the go at a cheaper price compared to restaurants nearby.

Frozen Meat
Fried delicacies
Tea Shop
If you are looking for Japanese teas, this shop has a variety of choices. The elderly couple inside were very friendly and they also serve free tea samples for any tea you like. I spent quite a sum of yens as the green teas were very refreshing and dense in flavour.

Kuromon Market
Unagi Don (Y850)
 As my stomach growls for lunch, I went on to hunt for shops serving Unagi. Luckily, I found this corner shop that serves Unagi Don rice for only Y850 (weekday lunch promo)! This is really cheap as most Unagi Don costs at least Y1000. Although the Unagi portion was not that big, every bite of it was really heavenly as it was juicy and sweet. This rice was served with red clams soup and pickles. 

Fresh Unagi!
Unagi Store

Den Den Town
 Just nearby Nipponbashi Station, lies Den Den Town which is famous for its electronic devices and anime fans. This "otaku" region has a wide variety of anime toys, manga, books, CDs, and many more. I just made a brief stop here and unless you are into japanese animations, this place would be a short quick stroll. Oh, did I mention the countless adult stores you can find here? (Only for above 20 years old! - Japanese Law)

Den Den Street
Anime Keychains
Game Stores

Namba (Dotonbori - Shinsaibashi)
Finally, I ended my day with some shopping in Osaka most hottest spot, Namba which holds many shops including local and international brands like H&M, Uniqlo, and Burberry Blue/Black Label. Basically you can find Shinsaibashi street here for clothes shopping, and perpendicular to it, would be Dontobori which is Osaka's Food street where you find almost anything that you can eat to your heart's content.

Shinsaibashi Street
Kit Kat Store
I found the Kit Kat Store here! You can buy your Kit Kat products and other local snacks which I found to be much cheaper here. Good place for souvenirs and food gifts for friends.

Tax Free Store

For dinner, I walked back to Dotonbori street where they have a variety of cuisines ranging from low to high end restaurants. Generally, Osaka is famous for delicacies such as Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki which is a must try when you are in Osaka.

Giant Crab!
This is the signature Giant Crab icon in Namba. This place serves crab meat based food which is quite pricy at about Y5000 being the cheapest.

This dragon restaurant serves chinese food.

View from Bridge
Sushi Belt
There is a sushi shop nearby Dotonbori entrance and it seems to be filled with many patrons. The sushi conveyor belt was filled with many interesting sushi as it tasted really fresh and sweet. A tip for eating sushi : sushi belt restaurants are much cheaper than going to sushi restaurants freshly made by chefs. 

Sushi Dish Price
Salmon & Tamago Sushi
Sushi Belts
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Octopus Takoyaki
Takoyaki stalls are everywhere! This is a must try when you are in Namba. A rule of thumb to choose the correct stall would be observing the line people are queuing up in front of the stalls.

Glico Man
Finally, Namba most famous iconic board would be the Glico Man that shines brightly at night. I would advise visitors to come here at night to experience the bright neon lights of Osaka.

Thanks for reading, stay tune for my final part of Osaka Trip and some general tips for Malaysians going to Osaka.