12 November 2013

A Norwegian Vegan Interview in Kuala Lumpur (Guest post)

Unni is a Norwegian living in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. She is also a vegetarian in Kuala Lumpur. Let’s know her a little bit better.

To start, let’s get to know you a bit better, how long have you been in Kuala Lumpur and what are you doing here?

I've been in KL for 4 months now working as a graphic designer for a new exiting company. 

And how long have you been vegetarian?

I've been a vegetarian for about two years. I started in February 2012. I was in England at the time and I found it quite easy to change my diet. In the grocery shops they always have fresh fruits and vegetables often from several different brands. The only thing I had some problems with was when we were going out for dinner at fancy restaurants or maybe at a burger shop. It was difficult to find alternatives to fit my new vegetarian diet, especially here in Kuala Lumpur where everything seems to include chicken!

How did you overcome that?

I was able to overcome the issue because I wanted really badly to manage to be completely vegetarian. I knew it was possible as the world is filled with vegetarians and even vegans and raw vegans. I found YouTube videos of easy recipes to be very inspiring which led me to even stricter diets. In Norway or England was easier. In Kuala Lumpur I definitely had to adapt, especially because I rarely have time to cook and I eat out a 99% of the times. The first month was not easy! But I got to a point where I decided to change my attitude, I start asking people, researching online in websites like VibeHero and others. I found out about vegetarian restaurants around KL and I also decided to be more open try different local dishes that do not contain meat or fish and everything got better!

What do you usually eat in KL then?

In KL i usually eat at a food court where they sell 100% vegetarian food. It is a place where I know for sure that what I eat is vegetarian. When I eat local, I really like vegetarian fried noodles (it is pretty easy to ask for the vegetarian version of most of the dishes) and I simple love cheese naan. At home I would make tortillas with salad or cheese sandwich with olives and lettuce. Cheese is an important part of my diet! In a “controlled” amount I feel that it gives me the healthy life filled energy that I need. 

What is your favorite vegetarian place in KL?

My favorite vegetarian place in KL is the food court for vegetarians. I also like other restaurants, like Woods or Raw Coffee. This food court is in Pavillion and I point it out as my favorite as it is super close to my work place and super accessible in terms of prices! And delicious!

What about Norway, what do you usually eat?

In Norway I would often make more food at home. My favorite dish is Rastafari Rundown which is a pot filled with beans, corn, sweet potatoes, pepper, chili and mango chutney. It's very good served with rice and sweet chili dipping sauce.