7 September 2013

Singapore Food & Travel 2013 @ Part 2

Tiong Bahru Bakery

The very next day, we stopped by another famous bakery nearby our accommodation. Tiong Bahru Bakery has lived its reputation among the Singaporeans as a boulangerie in the quaint neighbourhood of TB. It started with the French baker, TV personality and cookbook author Gontran Cherrier teaming up with the Spa Esprit group to serve an array of breads and pastries.

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery
Judging by the crowd on an early morning, this place is really quite popular as we had to wait for quite sometime for our table.

Since it was our pre-breakfast meal (we had another breakfast buffet later lol!), we decided to startour day with some drinks with plain & orange croissants. It amazes me on how even a simple croissant was made to be perfectly baked with the right amount taste in every bite. No wonder this place is quite popular.


Hot Chocolate
The latte art was beautifully made and the morning drinks had us going for our next trip. Definitely will head back here when I have the time to try their other pastries.


Tiong Bahru Bakery,
56 Eng Hoon Street #01-70
160056 Singapore

Whampoa Makan Plaza, Balestier Road

Next, our local Singaporean friends were kind enough to bring us to Whampoa Market which is a local market selling vegetables & goods. They were many food stalls located here which some are famous judging by the long line queueing up. This time, we get to try some of the famous Teochew duck rice, Hoover rojak, and some shark meat (!!).

Braised Eggs

Start by following the crowd queueing up. You can accompany your main Teochew duck dish with some side dish like the braised eggs above.

Braised Teochew Duck

The duck was really great in its taste and goes well with our rice. However, I do find their sauce a little too thick which I guess must be from the addition of starch. Overall, it tasted good as long you dispersed their gravy in your rice.

You can choose either porridge or rice (yam or plain) to go with your duck meat. The porridge is a bland porridge though which follows the commonly Teochew serving style and the yam rice is quite good.

Shark Meat
Next stall, I was surprised seeing them serving this shark delicacies. As I was against eating shark fins, my friend rebutted saying "shark meats are not endangered, only the fins are.". Well, I decided to try a bit only.This shark meat delicacies were actually served wrapped with their tendon collagen?? (I dont remember the name of the whitish jelly, but I do know it contains alot of collagen!).

Pork Meat
Same goes for this dish except this time its pork meat. Overall, I am not fond of this dish as it was served chilled and it has a weird aftertaste in my mouth. Maybe someone else will appreciate this delicacies.

Hoover Rojak
This famous Hoover rojak dish really outshines any rojak I ever tried back in Malaysia! The sauce has this shrimp flavour which makes it a tasty sauce with the sliced fruits, vegetables, nuts, and etc. However, this one had century eggs inside! Not everyone is a fan of these eggs but overall the dish is really good and is a must-try-before-you-die.

Hoover Rojak Stall
Shark Meat Stall
DO head down early here as many people tend to drop by for lunch! Stay tune for the last part of my Food & Travel Trip!

Pictures ~ Credit to Ken Wong


Block 90 Whampoo Drive, 
#01-07 Whampoo Drive food centre,