18 September 2013

Pasta Zanmai (Update) @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

When I first started my food blog, Pasta Zanmai was the very first few posts I wrote with my pictures from my iPhone. Now, with a bigger budget & a new revamped menu, I was able to savour lots of their dishes choice ranging from set meals to beverages. Hence, I decided to write a more updated version of one of my favourite Western + Japanese fusion restaurant with a more complete guide.

Edamame (RM 6.00)
We started with some side dishes, firstly basic edamame boiled and seasoned lightly with salt that makes it just right although portion might be a little smaller then other places.

Adegashi Tofu (RM 9.00)
This kinogushi tofu was deep fried until golden brown using starch coating. It was definitely leaning towards a blander taste served sitting in a pool of tentsuyu sauce.

Shimeji Kaarage (RM 9.00)
Next, some deep fried Shimeji mushrooms that was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Tori Kaarage Garlic Rice ( set 1 - RM 25.00)
Usually, you are able to find mini set pasta meals here in Pasta Zanmai that offers two dish combination but served in smaller portions. For example, Set 1 consists of Tori Karaage garlic rice & Kimuchi Pasta soup. This fried garlic rice smells good and goes well with the deep fried chicken dipped in mayonnaise.

Mini Kaki Kimuchi Pasta ( set 1 - RM 25.00)
As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post, this kimuchi soup was certainly exhilarating as it gives a taste of flavour & spiciness that goes well with the pasta noodles. Still my favourite so far!

Chicken Teriyaki with Onsen (set 2 - RM 25.00)
The next mini pasta set combines chicken teriyaki/onsen rice & asari soup. It was a basic chicken teriyaki served with rice and steamed egg. Nothing to rave about this dish.

Asari To Kinoko No Soup Pasta (RM 25.00)

Asari To Kinoko No Soup Pasta (RM 25.00)
Also included in this set was this pasta. It was really bland as the seafood contained soup was tasteless and has a very light essence to it. Not my favourite set.

Chicken Teriyaki Omu (RM 18.00)
A Japanese version of nasi goreng pattaya would be their Omurice. This fusion blends a delicious fried rice wrapped with egg layers that was quite tasty. Finally, the dish was topped with sliced chicken in teriyaki sauce. Portion was quite small though.

Kino Onsen Pasta (RM 20.00)
Vegetarian options are quite limited here as most dishes have poultry meat or seafood. This mushroom & egg based pasta was creamy and tasted good as it was not super creamy and had a good twist with the steamed onsen.

Spring Chicken (RM 20.00 - ala carte)
This japanese infused spring chicken was a great deal as it serves as a western plating but the sauce emits japanese mushroom flavours. This dish is served with vegetables & baked potatoes. The set of this dish would be around RM 30 that includes soup of the day, dessert, and choice of coffe or tea.

Unagi Set (RM 35.00)
Set meals are also available here that mostly comes with miso soup, bowl of rice, and a bowl of salad. This Unagi set was certainly a surprise for me. For RM 35, you are served with 4 slices of unagi only. Although Unagi are quite expensive, 4 slices did no justice to this set as it was not really filling at all. The salad served was similar with their salad dishes as it uses their signature sauce that makes it unique.

Gindara Teriyaki Set (RM 33.00)
This is a same set, but instead serves the Gindara or cod fish that was grilled in teriyaki sauce. The fish was quite fresh and has a distinct flavour to it.

Sirloin Steak Set (RM 30.00)
Also the same but instead served the sliced sirloin steak together with the side vegetables & potato salad. The potato salad as really good as it has the right amount of cream inside. I ordered my steak to be well done, instead it was served medium well done. Not a problem to me as the beef tasted excellent & goes well with my rice.

Kyoho Soda & Passion Fruit Soda (RM 7.00 each)
Flavoured fruit soda that was just simple.

Green Tea Cappuccino (RM 8.00)
A refreshing green tea blended with cappuccino that was alright.

Ice Fruit Juice ( RM 18.00)
This ice fruit juice was a little disappointment to me. Using orange juice as its base, this mixture of multiple sliced fruits had a strong overpowering orange flavour that makes it just weird. If you still want to have juice, opt for their ice fruit tea which is still my favourite!

Ice Fruit Tea (RM 16.00)
This ice fruit tea was great and fresh that embellishes sweet fruits in which its essence was fused with the tea. It was sweet in a natural kind of sweetness. Thumbs up!

Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley
Overall, a great experience as this place really lived up to my expectations. Pricewise, maybe expensive for students, but makes up in its quality & flavour.

Mid Valley Megamall, 
1 Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, 
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-2283 2160