3 August 2013

Yue Gin Steamboat @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

A recently opened steamboat restaurant has emerged in SS2. Yue Gin offers steamboat delicacies like any other steamboat places you've seen in KL. However, this place had been rated an average grade for us.

Hong Kong Pork Soup (RM 18.50)
There are a few broth choices that includes the basic chicken, tom yam, and ying yang broth. However, we decided to try their signature Hong Kong style pork bone soup. For a whooping RM 18.50, this pork broth was heavily garnished with beancurd sheets, red dates, and pork bones giving a slight sweet taste to it.

Set Menu (min 2 pax)
If you ever get lost in choosing your steamboat ingredients, they have steamboat sets that consists of various delicacies on the condition that a minimum of 2 pax is present. This set menu for 2 consist of the basics, vermicelli, prawn, fish ball, crab ball, beef ball, quails which I find not so appealing to me. 
Mushroom Meat Ball (RM 9.50)
Their staff highly recommended their homemade mushroom meat ball that uses minced pork mixed with sliced Chinese mushrooms. After cooking in the broth, it was quite good except for the highly concentrated pepper in the center of the balls.

Golden Mushroom (RM 5.70)
Mushrooms is a must for us when experiencing steamboat!

Tong Ho (RM 7.50)
Not everybody would like this Tong Ho or Garland Chrysanthemum vegetables that has a distinct and pleasant taste to it. Tong Ho is both an herbal medicine and a cooked vegetable.

Sliced Pork (RM 11.80)
Their sliced pork was not evenly sliced in my opinion, dip this in the boiling broth for few seconds and you have yourself some pork-goodness.

Fried Beancurd (RM 5.90)
Other than raw ingredients, you can find a small selection of ready made delicacies for your consumption, we ordered this fried bean curd which was tasteless and not satisfying to me.

Steamboat time!

Throw everything inside!
As the basic of the steamboat goes, the more rounds of ingredients put, the sweeter is gets. Luckily, the pork bone soup was luscious enough and was not overpowered by the ingredients. Note: soup can be refilled for free.

Yue Gin Steamboat
Overall, I felt they could improved more on their selection choices and food presentation. Being an air-conditioned steamboat restaurants requires lots of extra "oom" to attract customers. Dipping sauce are limited in choices here.