19 August 2013

Tasty Wok @ Venetian, Kota Kinabalu

First of all, my sincere apology to my readers as you might have noticed they were less post this month as I was caught up with work and studies. I will try to constantly update with the abundant stacking posts in my lappy >< ! 

As I head back to KK for the Raya break, I stopped by Tasty Wok in Venetian for lunch with my family as most shops were closed. Although the interior deco was pleasing and authentic, food was not so great and tasty. However, the prices are quite cheap compared to other middle to higher end Chinese restaurants.

Tasty Wok

Fried Bitter gourd with Salted Egg Yolk
This simple wok fried bitter gourd was enveloped with salted egg yolk that gives a rough texture yet not empowering the bitterness of the bitter gourd flavour. A great vegetable dish for the family as it has a twist in its flavouring!

Sweet & Sour Chicken
Since you wont be able to order pork here, we opt for their sweet & sour chicken that basically is just sliced chicken meat dripped with sweet & sour sauce. However, the sauce was not generously given hence making this dish a little dry for consumption.

Minced Meat Beancurd
Their signature beancurd was a great addition to the table! Homemade beancurd delicately cooked in a pool of diced chicken meat & mushrooms that was a great accompaniment to our rice. However, if they lay off the starch a little, it would be even better.

Salted Vegetable with Tofu Soup
A common soup ordered by all, this one was too salty as I guess the preserved salted vegetables + salt really intensifies the saltiness of this soup. Not really my favorite at all.

Tasty Wok

Generally, this place is a suitable place for a quick lunch or budgeted Chinese meals with your family or relatives. Do not have high expectations of their dishes as Tasty Wok is not their main income source of Venetian (If you know what I mean).


Tasty Wok Cafe
Off Jalan Lintas (Lido-Kepayan),
Penampang 88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel 1: 088728188/ 088729199
Fax 1: 088713633