16 July 2013

Butter + Beans at Seventeen @ Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya

Just before heading off to Singapore, I stopped by a cafe for a tea break session. Butter + Beans at Seventeen is a trending place in PJ if you want to experience good pastries and exquisite coffees. Located in Happy Mansion, this place definitely is a hidden gem of luscious taste and relaxing ambiance for a moderate price range. 

~ A good high tea session ~
Salmon Quiche (RM 10)
 Apart from sweet bites, enjoy some of their saltier quiches for a quicker fill on the tummy. We tasted their salmon quiche which brought us lightly flavoured bites that is a bit bland. A good baked layered and smooth textured eggs makes this quiche simple but filling.

Strawberry Danish (RM 5)
 Their danishes a must-try here as it excites us in two aspects; their baked dough used was baked perfectly as it was not too oily and tasted great. Also, the custard used was really beaten smoothly and has a light sweetness to it that accompanied the freshly sliced strawberries well.

Valhorna Chocolate Croissant (RM 5) & Peach Cobbler (RM 3)
Their Valhorna chocolate croissant was suggested by their friendly staff as it uses a homemade nutella-like chocolate hazelnut cream. This perfectly baked croissant was a great infusion with the Valhornan choco powder based cream. Next, a peach cobblers that really brought up the fruity essence inside but it was a wee bit dry for me.

Flat White (RM 9)
 Their signature flat white is mild with a smooth and velvety texture. I would recommend this to people who prefer a lighter taste in their coffee.

Hot Chocolate ( RM 8)
 A beautifully latte art hot chocolate that was tasted light and creamy with every sip.

Butter + Beans Pastries

You can find a variety of pastries here but I would suggest coming in at about 10 am as that it when their pastries are fully stock. P.S. Their better pastries sold out fast.

Tips Jar
Drinking Water
 Drinking water is absolutely free here.

Butter + Beans at Seventeen
Overall, a great & relaxing experience here. I would highly recommended this to my readers and do come earlier as the place has limited seats.

*Photos credit to Ken"


Block C, Happy Mansion, 
Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, 
46400 Petaling Jaya,