27 June 2013

Yamagoya Ramen @ Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu [Invited Review]

Good news to fellow KKians ! If you are ever in craving of some ramen, head off to Yamagoya Ramen in Gaya Street for their colourful variety of luscious Japanese delicacies. Note: Menu & pricing can be found at the end of this post

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen
If you love spicy induced broth, try their Spicy Tobanjan Ramen as it uses a familiar ingredient sometimes found in chinese cooking. The Tobanjan paste or chili bean paste, is a fermented bean paste that makes this ramen spicy & salty for your consumption. This dish is added with chasu (sliced pork), bean sprouts, chopped onions, bamboo shoots, and sliced black fungus. You can an additional RM 3 for a more "kaw" broth.

Miso Ramen
Next, a common soup base used in many Japanese restaurants, the rich & thick miso soup that sits the ramen with similar  ingredients but with a dash of sesame seeds.

Mukashi Special Ramen
This is definitely a unique preparation of their Mikashi Special Ramen. Using tonkotsu soup, this ramen dish is served in a milky broth of crushed pork bones (under high pressure) that is accompanied with black fungus, chopped onions, fried garlic, seaweed, bamboo shoots, and a pair of sliced boiled herbal eggs. This dish defines a great flavour of pork satisfaction.

Black Garlic Ramen
Do not be intimidate with the colour of this ramen. This ramen embodies a strong flavour of black pepper in its soup. A great choice to spice up you taste buds.

Buta Kimchi
This Buta Kimchi dish is a Japanese version of the Korean dish aeyook Bokkeum. It celebrates the union of kimchi & pork in one dish that is cooked with bean sprouts & chopped leeks. Hence, the kimchi, garlic, spiciness, and the creamy pork creates a exciting flavor in your mouth that’s impossible to stop eating. A cooked egg is served also as an additional topping.

Pork Katsu
Besides ramen bowls, you can find a variety of side dishes to complement your main meals. This pork katsu was deep fried to perfection that is crispy and served with mayonnaise.

I bet most local KK would compare Gyozas to the local Sabah's "wo tie" dish. A serving of pan fried potstickers that is warm and delicious.

Gyoza (filling)
The fillings in the Gyozas contains the basics; pork, chives, and cabbage.

Pork Char Siu & Soy Sauced Egg

Pork Char Siu & Soy Sauced Egg
You can order a plate of thinly sliced pork Char Siu that reveals good pork flavour or a side dish of soy sauced egg which is marinated for 2 days that has a sandy texture.

Daigaku Imo
We recommend much of this sugar glazed sweet potato to first time customers. Daigaku Imo preserves the sweetness of the sweet potato with a glazing of sugar with soy sauce, and garnished with sesame seeds.

Fried Chicken
A simple and basic fried chicken dish that is lightly seasoned with salt & pepper to go with your main meals.

Yamagoya Ramen

Yamagoya Ramen



Overall, a great experience as KK has another great addition in its food list. We would like to thank Yamagoya for inviting us for the dining experience and their great food.


Yamagoya Ramen,
Lot 109, Jalan Gaya,
88100 Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: 088-253701