3 June 2013

Restoran Sai Woo @ Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur

 If you are ever visiting Kuala Lumpur, conjure Jalan Alor in your checklist as you are able to savour local Malaysian delights in many ways. This street is famous for food stalls stretching along the whole street and booming with tourists nearly everyday. They are countless restaurants to choose from. A rule of thumb to decide which restaurant is better would be looking at the crowd that is fully packed of "local" patrons instead of tourists. We decided to give Sai Woo Restaurant (pic below) a try, and we didnt even regret as the food is good.

Chicken & Lamb Satay
 We started off with a delicious grilled combination of chicken & lamb satay. This grilled meat sticks were perfectly cooked and goes well with the satay sauce (peanut sauce). A side portion of ketupat (rice) & onion were also served for your delight with the sauce.

Fried Beef Hor Fun
 A simple fried kuey teow that was tossed in chili, bean sprouts and sliced beef that makes a perfect blend to fill up your stomachs. However, it was a wee bit oily than usual.

Fried Crispy Crispy Omelette
 Nope, there is no spelling error here. This fried crispy crispy omelette offers you double the crispiness of the eggs accompanied with oysters drenched in their special sauce. Although sometimes I questioned stalls that separates the oysters & eggs, but this is super crispy that makes you crave for more!

Grilled Fish
With a minimum weight of 400 g fish, this ikan bakar or grilled fish was cooked in a right amount of flame and oil. I loved how it tasted as it was strong in flavour and great when dipped in their chili + onion sauce. This might be pricy though for some.

Finally, a local Malaysian dessert, this ABC did cool us off from the hot weather but the ice was not crushed perfectly as it was still too big to crunch. A little heavy on the sugar though.
Restoran Sai Woo
The "busy" Jalan Alor
Generally, apart from the famous Wong Ah Wah chicken wings, I do recommend this stall as the food served was at least of local quality that embraces malaysian delicacies in its cooking. The bill comes down to a total of RM 50+, might be pricier than PJ but still worth it. One word of advise for patrons visiting Jalan Alor, do keep your handbags or belongings to yourself as they are some snatch thief cases here.


Restoran Sai Woo,
55 Jalan Alor, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur, 
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur