21 June 2013

N Brew @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

One of KL latest trendy food buzz was a recently launched ice cream parlour, N Brew that brings a unique preparation of gelato. What makes N Brew so special is bringing the fusion of science and food altogether under one roof. Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature which is used here to blend out delicious gelato of assorted flavours. As a researcher myself, much of the things here reminds me of alot of a research lab. In short,

Liquid Nitrogen + Mixer + Cream = Gelato

Liquid Nitrogen = Ice Cream
Head on to N Brew in Mid Valley (nearby Topshop) and have a glance of some their ready made samples of the liquid nitrogen brewed gelato. Most gelato comes in two sizes; M or L

Nutty Banana Gelato (RM 9.90)
This nutty banana combo was definitely nuts. Served in a waffle cone, the banana brewed gelato was rich in banana essence that emerges in every bite. However, they were not much nuts to be found.

Mango Gelato (RM 10.90)
Next, a seasonal mango gelato that brings a rich & fruity flavour. This mango tasted very sweet with cream and mango, and a touch of sourness that excites our taste buds.

Passion Fruit Yogurt (RM 10.90)
Don't like cream based gelato? Try some of their yogurt that defines a smooth texture of fruity passion fruit flavour. This soured gelato defnitely has to be consumed fast as it melts at a higher speed.

Drinking Water (free)
Drinking water served in Schott bottles were provided for free for fellow customers who dine-in.

Mad Scientist at Work!
I personally get to see them mix our batch of ice cream in a mixer. Decorated with test tubes, measuring cylinders, Schott bottles, and volumetric flask, their workers were trained in mixing liquid nitrogen to produced the fine gelato. Caution : liquid nitrogen is very dangerous if exposed to human skin, please do not touch without professional care. 

Science Lab Inspired Deco

N Brew Mid Valley
Although tasted similiar to many gelato and ice cream parlours in KL, this place definitely challenges conventional methods in approaching unique food & taste. Highly recommended as it does not use preservatives, stabilizers, and low in sugar content. Have a look at their video below!


N Brew,
F 074A Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur,