7 April 2013

Rakuzen @ Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

Japanese food offers a wide range of delicacies that spreads around in an endless array of choices. When it comes to Japanese delicacies, I loved how the texture, flavours, and colours blend well together in a delicious food experience. Rakuzen in Tropicana Mall had some good reviews from other fellow bloggers, hence I decided to give this place a try to see how tasty their food is.

 Food pricing here are similiar to what you will find in other Japanese restaurants. While browsing through their menu, I see that they offer a larger variety of Japanese food and a extensive list of lunch/dinner set to choose from.

Renkon Natto (RM 13.00)
 Firstly, a Renkon Natto as an appetizer to start our meal. This sliced lotus was cooked to perfection as it  was crispy and mixed well with dark sauce. However, the fermented soybeans (natto) topping has a very strong taste like pungent cheese, which is how natto are supposed to be. Althought it's an acquired taste for me, I guess I would take some time to adjust to its powerful flavour.

Sakura Ebi Somen (RM16.00)
Adding carbs to our list was a Sakura Ebi Somen; a bowl using wheat noodles in cold clear soup topped off with mini shrimps, sliced eggs, fish flakes, and smoked eggplants. Its a nice simple cold dish to eat during hot days as it has a much lighter cooling taste. However, the eggplants tasted like burnt vegetables that was unpleasant to consume.

Sakura Ebi Somen (RM13.00)
 Another carbo load to our dinner was a different version of the previously mentioned noodles. Sakura Ebi Somen is a simple fried rice dish embodying mini shrimps, eggs, and spring onions that permeates throughout every spoonful of this dish. The flavoring and amount of spice was just right and well fried.

Sukiyaki (RM 30.00) (s)
Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish, of the soup or stew type, prepared and served in the nabemono (Japanese hot pot) style. Served with a lit on pot of fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbages, lettuce, shitake mushrooms), it tasted warm with the mixture of sugar,soy sauce, and mirin broth that awaits the sliced beef to join in.

Sukiyaki Beef
Sukiyaki (RM 30.00) (s)
 Their sliced beef was thinly sliced and fresh to the bite. A simple way of eating sukiyaki as I advise in my previous posts, would be;

Take a slice of beef and dip it in your boiling broth for about 7-15 seconds (depending on your level), then remove it and dip it in a bowl of broken raw egg and savour it immediately!

Tempura Mori (RM 26.00)
 Tempura Mori or assorted Tempuras is a common dish ordered among local Japanese restaurants. This plate of deep fried tempura coated prawns, ladies finger, eggplant, sweet potato, etc somehow impressed me as not many cooks can whip it up perfectly without it being either too oily or overcooked. It tasted fresh and crispy which goes well with our noodles and fried rice :).

Overall, I had a great time having my dinner here. the atmosphere was a great relaxation zone to dine & talk. Some dishes I was not fond of but generally I think is it worth a try as they were many choices available especially for set meals (no fuss on choosing what to eat) 


G-41, Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
No.3 Jalan SS 20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

TEL : 03 7710 7000 / 012 248 2300
FAX : 03 7710 7770
EMAIL : feedback@superdining.com.my

11.30pm – 3.00pm & 6.00pm - 11.00pm 

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant