22 February 2013

Peach Palace Restaurant @ Blue 7, Kota Kinabalu

Finally, I get to sample on Peach Palace's Chinese cuisine during this Chinese New Year break which my mum was raving about! Located at Blue 7 Building in Penampang, this small Chinese restaurant offers great Cantonese cooking style dishes that KK has never seen yet.
Peach Palace
 Head up to 1st floor at Blue 7, and you will find this newly decorated restaurant on your right. Take a sit and be served with their chinese tea mix with some lime added.

Condiments (Oops! What is that missing dish?)
Next, a trolley of colourful condiments would be served beside you. They are are variety of condiments which are of self service and you can take as many as you want! 

Watercress "Si Yong Choi" Soup (RM 6.00)
We ordered their soup of the day which was watercress soup bathe in Chinese ingredients that was served in a bowl individually. The soup taste rich in watercress essence as it is boiled for a period of time with juicy pork ribs that completes the meat flavour in it.

Buddha's Delight (RM 15.00)
For some hi fibre greens, Buddha's Delight seems to be a favourite dish for my mother.Traditionally, this dish was eaten by Buddhist monks and hence this dish is vegetarian based. Buddha's delight consists of various vegetables and vegetarian delights cooked in a light soy sauce. I really like the vegetarian beancurd like sheets that was warm and rich tasting in green ecstasy!

Fried Sea Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk (RM 32.00)
As I always said, nothing is complete in KK without some seafood! They suggested this fried sea prawns decorated with salted egg yolk wet style for our comsuption. I was dissapointed with this dish though as the main flavour, the salted egg yolk only resides at the prawn shells. Hence, we could only taste the prawn as the shell has been peeled off together with the salted egg yolk flavour :(

Taiwan Three Cups Chicken (RM 18.00)
One dish I do feel worth ordering would be their Taiwan style Three Cups Chicken. Served in a claypot, this chicken is cooked with Three Cups referring to three flavours ; soy sauce, rice wine, & sesame oil. Other ingredients would include ginger, chili, & basil leaves. Compared to the ones I ever tried in KL, this is really good as the chicken has a strong authentic flavour with its rich dark sauce that goes well with my rice!

Taiwan Three Cups Chicken (RM 18.00)
Crab Meat Fried Rice (RM 18.00)
A splendid simple fried rice cooked with eggs, garlic, & leeks tasted very well balanced and fresh. Not to forget, a generous portion of shrrded crab meat that gives a chewy seafood bite into our fried rice! Yum yum!

Crab Meat Fried Rice (RM 18.00)

Peach Palace
Overall, the food served here is great in taste and presentation. However, KK people might find the price painful as you can get a cheaper version at local competitors such as Mayflower or Supertanker. But, its a normal thing to see this prices in KL Chinese restaurants. I do look forward to my next visit, hopefully they could invite us for a food review!

Peach Palace,
1st Floor, Blue 7 Building, 
3.5 Miles Jalan Penampang, 
Kota Kinabalu, 88300 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-72501

Lunch: 11.00am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm - 10.30pm