18 January 2013

Valentine's Day 2013 Dinner @ Pearl International Hotel, KL

 Attention all lovebirds! Unsure of your Valentine's day dinner plan? Then, drop by Pearl International Hotel Kuala Lumpur to feast on their Valentine BBQ buffet dinner for only RM 88++ per pax! Ranging from cold appetizers to hardcore BBQ delights with your loved ones, Do read their finest description on their romantic BBQ buffet dinner and contact details are as below:

Our Team of Dedicated Chefs has come up with myriads of widespread on the menu on the dinner buffet this special Valentine @ Pearl. Let the gastronomic journey from our buffet further enhance the beautiful and lovely mood and ambience of Valentine as you dine with your beloved under candle lights with love filling the air.

Jazz up with a good start on the REFRESHING APPETIZERS of  Romaine Caesar Salad  with Garlic & Parmesan Crisp Bread , Chilled Prawns and Mussels Cocktail Chili Sauce,Potato Salad in Pommery Mustard Vinaigrette,Air Dried Beef and Shallots,Spiced Vietnamese Beef Salad,Miami Style Cole Slaw Salad with Ginger and Pineapple,Green Mango Salad with Prawns,Tomato Wedges, Cucumber Slices,Sweet corn and Beetroot.

As the sweetness of Valentine fills up the ambience, move on to the very inviting and delectable main courses of SEAFOOD ON ICE  -Boiled Prawn, Boiled Clam, Fresh Oyster on Lemon Wedges, Cocktail Sauce and Tabasco Sauce.

MAIN DISH - Butter Rice With Raisin, Singapore Fried Bee Hoon,Chicken Mausakka, Shepherd’s Pie,Sauteed Chicken with Dry Chilli, Beef Broccoli With Mushroom, Cauliflower Polonaise.

Add some sizzles to the already  " spiced-up " dinner through our BBQ CORNER - Lemon and Dill Marinated Dory fillet,New Zealand Mussels with Garlic Chilli Squid, Tiger Prawns , Chicken Thighs in Sesame oil and Soy,Cajun spiced Beef Sirloin Steaks, Seafood Fried Rice , Corn on the cob, Baked Potatoes with sour Cream and Spring Onion and make sure you compliment it with our special BBQ Condiments - of Grilled French Loaf Garlic Bread,Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, Mango – Papaya Salsa, Home Made BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Lemon Butter Sauce.

Valentine won't be aptly complete for all sweethearts but with the lure of our exclusive arrays of DESSERTS -French Pastry , Coconut Mousse , Strawberry and Chocolate Mouse in Glass , Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Raisins , Mango and Lime Cheese Cake ,Mango Panna Cotta in Glass , Strawberry Chocolate Mountain , Durian Crepe and  Tropical Fruits - the beauty of such sweetness will surely lighten two hearts only this Valentine @ Pearl.

Happy Valentine's Day & a Blissful 2013 !

Bon Appetit ... !!

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