19 January 2013

Singha Beer Garden @ Thai Beer Festival 2012/2013

Central World Plaza
Thai Beer Festival is one of Bangkok's must-visit annual event for beer lovers worldwide. Starting from October or November until January, Thai breweries could be seen setting up their beer gardens in various locations around Bangkok.Take some time to visit here as the beer festival is a good opportunity to sample some of Thai's finest beer, Thai delicacies, & their own local live bands. Popular venues like opposite the World Trade Center would be fully packed with tourists & locals alike. Thanks to my friend's suggestion, we headed to the beer gardens in Central World Plaza, Rama 1 road. Do be there early (open around 6pm) as the places can be fully packed within dinner time!

Singha Beer
You can find many types of breweries including international brands such as Heineken & Carlsberg. Since we are in Bangkok, we decided to try one of their finest beer, Singha. I can say Singha beer taste much better than other beers than you can find Malaysia in terms of its taste & quality.

Singha Live Band

Their live bands are really good in singing a mix of international & local songs but I find it a little boring as most of the songs sung by Singha's live band are average with less upbeat song choice.

Singha Beer Tower!
There seems to be two types of Singha Beers, Singha Light & Singha. If you prefer a mild sweetness over bitterness then choose Singha Light.

Beer Girl! (bad camera focus - sigh)

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried Sliced Pork
Their fried sliced pork was good as the juicy pork tasted just right with their spicy Thai chili sauce.

French Fries

Live Band
 This band is quite good. Forgotten their name though.

Fried Snacks - Shoyu Spicy
 Other than their main food station, you can find lots of pretty girls promoting & selling snacks. For 40 Baht, this spicy shoyu flavoured snacks were crunchy to eat but super spicy to me!!

Thai Roasted Chicken
Luckily, some of our Thai friends who arrived later ordered some of Thai's favourite dishes to eat! Starting with this delicious roasted chicken, it was really good with its flavouring and amount of roast that makes us crave for more! Best roasted chicken ever eaten!

Spicy Som Tam
 This is one of Thai's famous salad, Som Tam which mainly uses green papaya that brings in unique flavours of sour & spiciness. So far, this is my record breaker for being the most spiciest food i ever eaten in my life!

Tom Yam Soup
Their Tom yam soup was nice to drink as it was not too spicy but strong in its condiments & flavour of the meat used. Best drink when hot!

Overall, we had a great time there sampling Thai cuisine & local Thai bands while chatting on our Singha beers! Do visit the Beer festival if you had a chance!