3 January 2013

Foo Phing Dim Sum @ Hilltop, Kota Kinabalu

 Foo Phing Dim Sum is always one of KK's favourite morning spots for some hot delicious dim sum with your friends & family. Not long ago, they were based in a small shop in Penampang with not much popularity. Now, moving to a bigger shop in Hilltop, Foo Phing seems to be extending their business fast with a bigger array of dim sum & eating space, also packaging frozen dim sum goods which can found in local supermarket. However, I am disappointed over the recent years on their quality control of their dim sum. Their quality dropped since then, emphasizing more on quantity over quality if compared to their main competitor, Wong Kwok Dim Sum.(see my previous posts). Its a good thing that they are trying to improve their food quality, hopefully it will be restore to its initial glory state soon. 
Salad Prawn
 One of their main deep fry delicacies would be their salad prawn in which embeds local fresh prawns in a crunchy skin served with salad cream. I am a very big fan of prawn based dim sum but I am not much interested in it now as the once tasty seafood has reduced dramatically.

Savoury Glutinous Dumplings
 Their ham sui kok was quite good, enveloping their tasty minced pork in a inner chewy cover & a outer mild crispy balls. Its a must order for me :)

Shark Fin Dumplings
 Their steamed based dim sums was light taste and not strong in flavouring emphasizing more on the seafood freshness like this shark fin dumplings (fake). Most seafood dim sum that they served are made of our Sabah's fresh ingredients that truly brings out the seafood signature of KK.

Glutinous Rice with Chicken
 Their steamed glutinous rice was tasty and steamed to perfection. I also loved ordering this every time I go except it starts to get a bit more oily than usual.

Char Siew Bao
 A simple steamed bun filled with char siew that was nothing much to be crazy about.

Fried Carrot Desserts
 This is certainly something new since I last visited here. This cute deep fried carrot resemblance with a leek on top was nice too look at and chewy on the inside emitting a sweet taste.

Fried Turnip Cake
A simple fried turnip cake.

Mini King Spare Ribs
I always loved eating some small portions of spare ribs in the morning as it was cooked with its juicy meat drenched in their sauce that was light tasting. A perfect light dish for meat lovers in the morning.

Dim Sums

Foo Phing Restaurant
Foo Phing Restaurant is divided into non air conditioned & air conditioned and can be fully packed especially during weekdays. Do come early to avoid dissapointment especially during festivals as this place will guaranteed be full regardless of what celebrations.


Foo Phing Dim Sum Restaurant,
Lot 6 & 7, Ground Floor,
Kolam Centre Phase 2,
Jalan Lintas, Luyang
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Tel: +6088 259 692