28 January 2013

Bangkok Food Culture & Travel Vacation @ Part 3

As we wake up early in the morning and driving through the worst jam in Bangkok which took us few hours reach the Grand Palace & The Temple of Emerald Buddha, a must visit spot for tourist venturing around Bangkok. The Grand Palace was once a royal residence for the King. which now is only used for ceremonial purposes. It adjoins together with Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of Emerald Buddha, which is regarded as one the most sacred Buddhist Temple in Thailand. They were lots of people visiting here as it was fully packed with locals & tourists visiting the place. I do recommend you to bring a hat as the sun  could be merciless and it might take you a long time to finish your tour here.

Temple of Emerald Buddha
Of course, upon entering the temple, dress code are strictly checked before entry. It is recommended to wear appropriately which means, no shorts, singlets, short skirts, open toe shoes, or other revealing dress, otherwise you will be denied entry. However, they are skirts available for rental at the counter for girls. 

Fascinating Colours!
Once you are inside, be amazed by its vibrant colours shiny and glimmering all over the place, it is better to have a tour guide with you as most the buildings or monuments represent an interesting story to listen.

Emerald Buddha
The main attraction here is the emerald Buddha itself sitting on top of a massive monument as seen in the picture above. No pictures are alloed to be taken once inside the temple. It is said that, only the King himself would have to change the clothing of the Emerald Buddha based on the four seasons (now is Winter). Since, the King himself is ill, his Son, the Prince has taken over the duty.

Glass Ceiling, Royal Thai Guard, Gold Temple
The Grand Palace is located nearby the exit which is easier to detect by its Western features. Unfortunately, nobody is allowed entry or photos to be taken.

Western Features


Thanon Na Phra Lan  Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, 

Phra Nakhon, 

Bangkok 10200, 
Tel: +66 2 224 3290

Ramen Planet Mutsumiya

Before heading to the Thai Beer Festival, we stop by at CentralWorld Plaza in search for some great dinner. We stumbled upon Tokyo's famous noodle house, Ramen Planet Mutsumiya, located inside the Food Hall.

Ramen Planet Mutsumiya
The ramen served here were actually great and different for what we taste in Malaysia. Price wise, its would be in par with any noodle house in KL but better in taste & quality!

Tonkotsu Ramen (170 Baht)
I noticed many people loved ordering theri Tonkotsu ramen which is a fine Japanese noodle in creamy pork bone soup - collagen. Wow! They claimed it has alot of collagen inside - perfect dish for girls! Served together with mushrooms, bean sprouts, onions, & sliced pork, its a worthy dish.

Black Tonkotsu Ramen
One of their signature dish - this signature noodles drenced in a intensely flavoured broth made with pork bones and roasted garlic that was a blast! Every bite was delicately good and lots of pork goodness!

Shoyu Ramen
Their shoyu ramen was average in taste. The ramen was good, but the shoyu based soup was ordinary to us.

Bangkok Centre Hotel

As we change to Bangkok Centre Hotel, it was disappointing to us as they lack in service, they were no water kettle or ironing board, and bathtubs that often get stuck. However, since accommodation was provided, we were not complaining much. This hotel is good though if you are a lazy walker since the Hua Lamphong Station is just less than 1 minute walk from the hotel entrance! Thanks to Chulalongkorn University, we had a dinner in their ballroom that night.

Overall, the food was not so delicious as we thought it would be since some of the dishes were boring, bland, and overly spiced.

Thai Dishes
 Some were great as it brings out Thai authencity in cookery and spices!

Sweet Cakes
 Desserts was overly sweet as it was like sugar has exploded inside this cakes!

Thai Cultural Show
A fascinating Thai cultural show for us!

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