16 January 2013

Bangkok Food Culture & Travel Vacation @ Part 2

Platinum Fashion Mall
Shopping in Bangkok is a heaven for price conscious shoppers as fashion clothing & accessories are cheaper than Malaysia. However, do watch out when buying clothing as not all fabric quality are nice to wear. If you plan to purchase in a wholesale bundle or purchasing at least 3 items, do visit Bangkok's largest mall, Platinum Fashion Mall in Pratunam which is a one stop centre for wholesale fashion goods. Comparatively to Chatuchak Weekend Market(in later posts), clothing here would be a little more expensive but earns in terms of its quality. You can also find some local designs & brand which I personally think are quite nice.

To access Platinum Mall, just tell the taxi or tuk-tuk to head to Pratunam. Train stations are quite a walking distance to here. 


Diamond Food Court
We headed to Grand Diamond Plaza which i just beside Platinum that also sells wholesale & retail clothing but it seems to be deserted to me and most of the people seems rather to be at Platinum. So, we headed to 4th floor to grab a quick brunch.

Diamond Food Court

Sizzling Pork with Rice
Their version of sizzling sliced pork was juicy and tender which I find it quite good but some find it salty, that comes together with bean sprouts, a side of cabbage & cauliflower to round up the meal.

Sizzling Fish with Rice
Same version as above but using sliced fish that tasted good too.

Tom Yam Soup
Since we are in Bangkok, ordering Tom yam soup is a must try for first timers. Although we might no have time to find the best tom yam in town, but this version of Thai tom yam was really good as the spiciness in a broth of chili & pork meat excites out taste buds. This dish seems to have a unique flavour that taste like butter - lemon combo.

Glass Noodles with Pork

Their Thai version of fried glass noodles with Pork was sensational. A simple light dish that embodies juicy pork meat in a sweet & sour taste, accompanied with green veges. This portion is quite small though.


I forgotten the name of this restaurant, but they seem to have many branches around Bangkok that serves local Thai food with wallet friendly prices. We were at Robinson Store at that time which is just near to our hotel, Ratchade Residence & Spa which I really recommend for their excellent room conditions, spa services and location of train stations(5mins).

We ordered peach & black teas to quench our thirst. Their peach tea was ok but the black tea has a weird aftertaste to it --.

Thai Butter Curry
This cute little deep fried minced chicken cakes were taste chewy and fresh, while the butter curry and chili were unique in its flavour. Loved every bit of this dish.

Thai Fried Rice
A simple ordinary fried rice accompanied with side vegetables and soup.

Fried Mama Noodles with Pork
This is a Thai version of maggi goreng mamak in Malaysia. However, this taste 10 times much better with its Mama mee fried with sliced juicy pork and turnip leaves that gives a great chewy but sweet bites. Portion small though.

Prawn Rice Noodle
This is another Thai version of kuey teow fried with fish cakes and prawn that was a little spicy. This is served with bean sprouts and personally I find it average.

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