14 January 2013

Bangkok Food Culture & Travel Vacation @ Part 1

Jim Thompson House
 Recently, I went to Bangkok on a conference trip and took this opportunity to explore good food around Bangkok and learning their vast culture that amazes me in terms of it uniqueness and lifestyle. Overall, I had a great experience in their delicacies that opened up my taste buds with their exciting flavours. Since its a long post, I will just divide my Bangkok trip into few posts consisting of Thai food culture and travel vacation for my fellow readers. 

Jim Thompson House
 We started off in The Jim Thompson House located on Soi Kasemsan (2) Song, opposite the National Stadium on Rama I Rd. Opening hours are from 9am - 5pm with guided tours in various languages including English, Russian, French, and etc with admission fees of 100 Baht (50 baht for students). Jim Thompson House is a cultural platform depicting the late & famous Jim Thompson who was sent to Bangkok as a military office and soon fell in love with the Thai culture and was prepared to settle down in Thailand. Upon this, he build a beautiful mansion which is known as The Jim Thompson House today which depicts his creative works of Thai architectural and beliefs. Unfortunately, no cameras are allowed during tours inside the house. Hence, here are some photos taken around the compound.

Jim Thompson House
If you visit inside, you will be able to witness great craftsmanship and beautiful art that shows fusion of Western decorations & Thai Culture that mainly draws on the Budhha himself.


Floating Flowers
 A restaurant & shopping gallery is also located inside for your dining needs & on purchasing some of Jim Thompson beautiful fabrics.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon Food Hall
Nothing is complete without some food talk in this post. So, we stop by Bangkok's famous shopping mall, Siam Paragon and we headed to their Food Court. Almost every food court in Bangkok requires you to buy a cash card which you will use to pay and the balance will be claimed later. Food in Bangkok were spectacular since most food uses pork (non-halal) and the quality of taste were superb & unique. Its going be to quite hard to find halal food for my muslim friends.

Food Hall
Comparatively, food prices are cheaper than Malaysia. in Food Hall, Siam Paragon, with just a single note RM 10, you would be able to enjoy a filling meal of your choice plus a drink if compared to KLCC or Midvalley. Too much choices to look at too until headahce ~ aiya. Look below to see what we ordered for a budget friendly trip for students :)

Pork Soup with Lava Egg
The pork tasted heavenly floating in a sweet soup which comes with a lava egg. This is similar to a version of  kuey teow soup but with better & juicier pork.

Beef Noodles
The sliced beef was succulent and delicious yum yum! The noodles were great in taste and goes very well with their sauce. A better version of beef wa tan ho to me. 

Curry Pork Chop

This pork chop was amazing. Not only the pork quality tasted superb and juicy, the curry sauce that were made with it was super good.

Teriyaki Pork Chop
Nothing taste better then some local fusion of teriyaki sauce and juicy pork ribs which tasted great.

Each of us spend around 100 Baht ( ~RM10) for a simple meal in a shopping mall. Still cheap for students like us :)

King's Birthday

King's Birthday
Fortunately, we were able to witness the people of Thailand celebrating their King's 85th birthday. In Thailand, every birth day represents a colour, therefore, King Bhumipol Adulyadej himself was born on Monday which represents yellow colour. That makes sense as we were wondering why everybody is wearing yellow colour. I applaud the Thai people as they highly respect their King as he has contributed much to his country. I do hope one day, Malaysia could become similiar in respect level. Note: Any insult to their King in any form is a big offence in Thailand.

Xmas in Bangkok
Luckily, Christmas was around the corner, and their decorations were beautiful too watch. Do continue following my posts for later parts of exciting Thai Culture & Food hunt!

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