1 December 2012

Zen Q East Malaysia @ Lintas Square, Kota Kinabalu

ZenQ MySignature
The first shop that serves the in-trend iced desserts in KK was ZenQ Desserts. Originated from Taiwan, ZenQ offers a great range of tasteful desserts especially to us Sabahans who are always caught up in the heatwave of mother nature! Website: http://www.zenq-em.com/

Red Bean ZenQ Grass Jelly
Their red bean ZenQ grass jelly was a good consumption. Combining flavours of pearls, red beans, crystal noodles, & taro balls! Cream milk are provided separately, unfortunately I didnt get to use it as my mum hates milk :).

Mango Snow Ice (RM 9.90)
Their recent release of snow ice caught my attention. However, I was disappointed with their mango snow ice. Their shaved mango textured ice was really good but it was complimented with mangoes that were sour and tasted like it was overripe. 

ZenQ MySignature
Nothing is complete without ordering their ZenQ MySignature which was suppose to represent their brand. I loved every detail of the basic toppings blended in well together that gives a great refreshing bite of a coldness sensation. Compared to Snowflake's, I would have to say it has its own unique taste.

ZenQ Lintas
Maybe its time they get a bigger shop. Sitting outdoors only attracts mosquitoes at night. 

Join their monthly contest to win a whole month of ZenQ desserts!

Website: http://www.zenq-em.com/


Lot 23, Ground Floor, 
Block C, Lintas Square. 
Jalan Lintas, 88300. 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact Person: Bryan Siew
Email: zenqbryan@gmail.com
Contact No: 014-650 6150