12 December 2012

Wishbone Asian Creative Kitchen @ Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu

It have never occurred to me that just few months ago after reviewing Wishbone on their economical concept & their signature Hainanese chicken rice, it had evolved into a more fun & modern cafe that embodies the union of Asian cuisine & local essence. Prices are more expensive though as I guess their economical concept is diminished as the place was heavily crafted into an Asian Creative Kitchen ambiance.

Girl from Ipanema & Lady South Sea (RM 12.50 each)
The drinks were humongous in portion as we cannot fully drink it all. Both drinks tasted great as the greeen pandan drink were sweet & the watermelon/mango combo was a naturally sweet taste to gulp down.

Clumsy Fries (RM 5.60)
This sweet deep fried sliced sweet potatoes was really good as we were taking it endlessly as it was sweet and topped off with some sour plum powder to enhance its goodness.

Their Bafu was actually deep fried local beancurds containing sliced ham and cheese that tasted so crispy and soft at the same time. Dip it in their own sour sauce as it will melt your taste buds with its combination of flavours and essence.


Art Creations

Beautiful Art
Overall, the place was a good place to hangout & I havent really tried out their main course (will update). Pricewise, its quite pricey for local people to hangout but compesate in its unique fusion of local bites & typical dishes.


  • (Next to Sports Toto) Lot 609, Jalan Gaya
  • 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah