4 December 2012

Sandakan Kopitiam @ 88 Marketplace Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu

Springy Dry Noodle with Crab balls, Tofu & Char Nyuk
One of the latest addition to good local food kopitiam scene that everyone should try would be the Sandakan Kopitiam located at Kepayan. This place seems to be packed everyday especially on weekends with mostly locals arriving to salvage this Sandakan origin delicacy. A worthwhile visit if you want to experience the local food scene in KK.

Springy Noodle Soup with Crab balls & Char Nyuk
Nothing is complete without ordering their own Sandakan's springy noodle which illustrates homemade noodles that are springy and delicious. Toppings are based on you choice, if you cant make up your mind, just order a mix noodle dish. One of their signature toppings are the char nyuk or deep fried pork which tasted crispy and superb! Accompanied it with some homemade crab balls which I didn't really like as it was springy too.

Springy Dry Noodle with Crab balls, Tofu & Char Nyuk
You can have a choice of soup or dry noodle. Their tofu are also excellent in taste as they stuffed it with fish paste giving it a seafood vibe to its taste.
Century Egg Dumplings
I added on some of Sandakan's signature century egg dumplings as they are basically a combination of   seafood & poultry meat, added with sliced century eggs enveloped in a textured skin. Loved it!

Sandakan Kopitiam

Sandakan Kopitiam
88 Marketplace, 
Off Jalan Pintas Penampang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 88300