31 December 2012

Planet Popcorn Malaysia

 I wanted so share with my readers about Planet Popcorn chewy delicacies that really captures my attention in terms of it's flavouring and taste. At first, I was not a big popocorn fan unless it involves good movies and theatres until I recently help my sister to buy a few buckets back to KK. Founded in year 2010, Planet Popcorn offers a modern twist in the typical plain popcorns which blooms into great unique flavours that was addictive to eat. They emphasize on four features which is usage of fine ingredients, handmade, fresh, and finally pleasant mouthfeel.
Wasabi & Cheese Popcorn Bucket
Their product line comes into two packaging, packets (RM 9-12), and buckets (RM 16-22) depending on the flavours you choose. Unless you are eating alot or sharing it with your family, the packets are enough to fill you up individually. 

After finally sampling most of them, I decided to go with their bestsellers : Cheese & Wasabi. I was obsessed with their Cheese popcorn (right) as the salted popcorn was covered with cheddar cheese powders that gives the crunchy feel an edge of sweet & saltiness. Their Wasabi (left) flavour was also great with a mild wasabi taste that could make some people tear.

Cheese Bucket (Buckets are sealed)

Here is some delicious tips from their own website :Planet Popcorn

  • Everyday hand-made popcorn by the cooks’ frying technique. No preservatives, no butter, no trans fats, and no artificial condiments.
  • 100% of imported corn kernels featured with low sugar, low fat, and high fiber. Natural and healthy.
  • Popped with natural vegetable oil and sea salt, presenting as round, planet-like popcorn.
  • Special selected gourmet powder made from natural food materials without artificial color, suitable for vegetarianism (except for Cheddar cheese and Chocolate(vegetable with milk))
  • Finishing it A.S.A.P once the pack is unsealed, or resealing the pack in case the popcorn is damped.
  • Caramel and Chocolate popcorns will be cooler and even crispier if frozen.
Planet Popcorn Stalls (image obtained from their website:Planet Popcorn)
Compratively, the popcorns are great as what you get for what you pay for. Just head over to any of their stalls for some free samples and savour their popcorn goodness to the core!