15 December 2012

Kedai Kopi Wan Soon Hin @ Inanam, Kota Kinabalu

Economy Rice
Nowadays, economy rice in Malaysia aren't economical as they should be. A simple dish combined with meats & vegetables can cost up to RM 6. I guess prices really soar up within thie few years. One of my favorite spots for economy rice in KK since I was a kid would be at Wan Soon Hin Coffee Shop in Inanam. This hidden gem that many might not know about, offers a great variety of tasteful dishes which are fully packed nearly everyday during lunch hours. 
Roasted Chicken Drumsticks
Instead of their economical rice, you can opt for their delicious chicken rice or noodles. Wan Soon Hin's roasted platters are also delicious as dishes like their roasted chicken were nice to savour its crispyness.

Sweet & Sour Fish
A simple sweet & sour dish using local Sabah fresh fish fillet. Was a little bit too sour.
Roasted Pork & Spare Ribs
Their roasted pork & spare ribs were great as they were roasted to perfection and bedazzled in their homemade gravy to complete your taste buds hunger.

Sweet & Sour Fish
Another dish that brings the authentic Sabahan fresh fish taste simmered in their sour sauce which tasted fresh and superb!

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs
I realize I spam too much sweet & sour dishes as the sourness was killing me. However, this dish was still tasted great.

Cute Rice!

Remember to pay first!

Economy Rice Choices

Wan Soon Hin
Overall, the food here has never dropped its standard since I was small. However, I was sad when I heard they discontinues their steamed minced pork which was one of their signature dish due to high production cost. Do visit this hidden gem of KK's economy rice!

Inanam Old Township
Inanam, Kota KInabalu