28 December 2012

BlackBall Taiwanese Desserts @ Lintas Square, Kota Kinabalu

 Although I'm not a fanatic for Taiwanese desserts, I find Blackball's dessert delicious in a pool of cool mixtures. Located at the same row with ZenQ, BlackBall was launched this year to serve the KK's dessert fans that brings another competitive dessert chain in the market.
BlackBall Counter
 This place seems to be packed with all types of target group ranging from families to youngsters enjoying their moment in the simple Blackball atmosphere.

Your Order is Ready^^!
 Just place your order like any other dessert chains, and receive this calling device (I don't know what is it call). Once your order is ready, this device will vibrate indicating your desserts are ready to be taken at the counter.

BlackBall Signature
 My mum loved every bit of their signature dessert. It combines a mixture of red bean, yam ball, taro Q, and pearls decorated on a grass jelly ice platform to give a sensational cooling but sweet bites. For me, I would still prefer Snowflake's version but both did it justice in their own way. Milk toppings are served separately though.

BlackBall Dessert
 I do find the that the black sesame balls great and superb! What makes it stand out is the oozing black sesame filling enveloped in flour balls that makes you crave for more.

Sour Plum Tea
 A simple refreshing sour plum tea that reveals sweet but sour taste which fits perfectly well for my sore throat. 
Signature "Xian Cao" Tea w. Grass jelly
Nothing much about this drink. Ordinary taste.

Overall, the black sesame balls are a unique twist and has been one of my favorites so far. Look at their promotional video above!


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Lintas Square, Sabah

17-0 Tkt Bawah, Block D,
Lintas Square 88300,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-256 288

Business Hour: 11.00am ~ 11.00p