15 October 2012

New Camera for my Food Blog @ Sony NEX F3

I was always impressed with other food bloggers uploading superb picture qualities in their posts. Compare to other fellow bloggers, I always felt sad :( looking at my photos as their perfect near DSLR  quality pics impressed me always. 

After surveying for quite some time and a limited budget (yikes! sorry dad), I decided to get a decent entry level camera to start off, not to DSLR as it was too bulky and more expensive for me. After deciding between Nikon J1, Lumix LX7 and Sony NEX, I decided to get a Sony NEX F3 based on people's review saying NEX series is much better!

Hopefully wont regret getting my new Sony NEX F3 & hope it would give me good images ~! Will update on some food pictures with my new toy ! :D

 Also, do give me some food photo tips :D !