22 October 2012

Gonbei San @ Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

I finally got to walk along the bamboo arches of Gonbei San's authentic fine dining buffet in Starhill Gallery. Located at the same level as Jogoya Japanese Restaurant, I find Gonbei San delivers a different perspective of their buffet concept. Premium quality imported ingredients are used in their culinary in which they emphasize more on authentic quality. I visited during lunch which would originally cost RM 102.10 but thanks to Groupon, I got it only for RM 55!

Raw Sushi
Fresh imported assorted raw sushi! Delicious!

Raw Eggs
The food served in Gonbei San was a little different than Jogoya as they emphasize quality over quantity. They are not much choices to choose from as doing as much as 3 trips would end your venture for new delicacies, but the freshness and quality of food served here were much better. I really suggest to try their grilled corner (pic somewhere below) as the lamb, squid, beef, prawn were amazingly good!

Raw Grill
Pick any of these choices & have and the chef will grilled it and send to your table! Choose between seafood balls, eggplant, fish, salmon, chicken innards, and more. Remember to give your paper (provided) to them.

Raw Grill

Grilled platter
 The final output of the grilled food! Fresh but was not warm when served.

Come & Get it !
 You can find a whole lot variety of salads, soba, oysters, rice based sushi here.

Salad Choices
 You can make your own salad! Lots of fresh choice of colourful vegetables!

Fried Food Corner!
The fried corner consists of fried chicken, tempura, fish and vegetables! One the best tempura I tried in Japanese buffet line as it was fresh & crisp to its flesh!

Grilled Meat & Seafood !
The main crowd of the buffet hugs along their grilled corner as they served fresh grilled chicken, beef, lamb, squids, salmon, dory fish, and some udon and soba cooked right before your eyes!

Their lamb is a must try! (pic below)

Lamb, Squid, Prawns !
 The final product of their grilled delicacies!

Beef Sukiyaki
Their beef sukiyaki which you would need to order, was disappointing to me as the beef slices were sticking together and the broth was too sweet.

Loads of sweet snacks & fruits to spoil your tummy! I would suggest to go for their chocolate moist cake and cream cheese cake. Sinful but tasted damn good!


A chocolicious fruitful choice! I would rather have them serve hot chocolate as I am a sucker for fondues!

Peanut Mochi

Gonbei San
Overall, the place is quite small and can be limited during peak hours. Do make your way there earlier. I have seen many bloggers giving mixed reviews this place on their choices and quality. My verdict? It was above average to me but still not memorable enough as I would like to see more choices & some modern twists in their japanese cuisine. (Based on personal opinion)


Lot T3, Relish floor,
Starhill Gallery, 

181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur. 55100
Gonbei San