22 September 2012

Pastis Cafe @ The Gardens Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

Just opposite the fashion store Isetan's, Pastis Cafe offers a classy features & atmosphere for your dining needs. You can find and extensive menu collection of Western delicacies & beautifully decorated cakes for your purchase at Pastis. It a good place for a quiet dining with your friends or loved ones as the ambience is relaxing and quiet.

Lamb Shank on Bed of Potatoes

Fruit Juices
Pricewise, the food here are at a higher end ranging from RM 30 and above. However, I was not really feeling the quality of their food served.

Pumpkin Soup
Their pumpkin soup was heaven, it tasted so perfectly without it being too creamy or sweet. It was just perfect as the essence of pumpkins really permeates through the soup. Best pumpkin soup I tried so far.

Dory Fish Orange-flavoured with Vegetable with Butter Rice
This dish was not fascinating to me, the buttered raisin rice tasted dry as it was crispy and tasteless. The dory fish was cooked and drenched with orange sauce which was ordinary to me. However, the garlic sauteed vegetable was excellent.
Lamb Shank on Bed of Potatoes
The long hours stewing lamb shank was ordinary to me as the tender juicy lamb meat was lied on a bed of potatoes over their special sauce. Not crazy about this, but definitely better than other places as it was at its right softness and had a great sauce. Big portion though.
Sago Dessert
This interesting looking dessert was appealing when I first saw it. A cylinder sago jelly sits in a pool of coconut milk and gula melaka and finally topped off with some whipped cream. It was super sweet for me as I could not even continue on after a few bites.

You can find cakes too for your take-away needs.

Pastis Cafe
KG-02, Ground Floor,

The Gardens,

Mid Valley City.
Tel: 032-288-1559 
Pastis Cafe Dining