13 September 2012

Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant @ The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

Taiwanese cuisines are one of my favourite delicacies to try as their cooking are really great with a huge amount of pork, seafood, chicken, rice, and soy being used in the cooking. Taiwanese food culture is no longer a foreign meal in Kuala Lumpur nowadays given that many shops and restaurants offers a great extensive choices of Taiwan cuisines. Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant in The Gardens, Midvalley seems to be one my favourite hangout spots ever since.

Sweet Potato Balls
Fong Lye Menu
The food here usually comes in set with a huge variety of set choices ranging from chicken, to noodles that came along with some side dishes. Its going to be pricy for some people as it would cost around RM 30 - RM 40 for a satisfying meal given that their service is fast and portions are generously given.

Sweet Potato Balls
Their signature sweet potato balls are decent for me as this sweet balls were deep fried delicately and tasted chewy on the outside & airy on the inside. Tasted quite different than the ones I tried down in KL.

Braised Beef Glass Noodle
The glass noodle was great as the broth was rich in flavours that complements the noodles. Apart from that, side dishes of some spicy vegetable, lady fingers, and a deep fried sack was nice. 

Fried Fish Fillet with Tomato and Fried Egg Set
Most poeple recommended the fried fish fillet as the fish fillet was wrap around an fried egg and drenched in a tomato rich sauce. I loved on every aspect of this dish and how it tasted like. It comes with side dishes, Taiwan minced pork rice, and a bowl of rich flavourful soup.

Sliced Beef Set
 The sliced beef set was ordinary tasting to me. Still taste good though.

Three Varieties of Supreme Diced Chicken Set
Their varietes of supreme diced chicken set was basically a three cup chicken set cooked with sesame oil, dark sauce, chili, and basil leaves. It was so as delicious as I thought it would be.

Herbal Soup with Taiwan Burger Set
I really want complain about this dish. The herbal soup was boiled with gingko, barley, and pork intestine  Among all the pork innards soup I eaten, I could just barely pass the 3rd scoop of the soup as it has a very strong aftertaste that makes me want to puke. Same goes with my other 4 friends who try this. The Taiwan burger was nice, just wish they can lay off the excessive chili abit. 
Taiwan Snow Mountain
Who can resists such a heavenly cold dessert dish. This red bean decorated Taiwan snow mountain was sweet tasting with some presence of taroballs ! my fav ! Quit pricy though for RM 8.30 for this dish.

*Pictures courtesy of my friend, Ken ! Thanks !

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant 
Lot T208, 3rd Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley City 
Lingkaran Syed Putra 
59200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: (+603) 2282 8699
(Non Halal. Open daily till 10pm.)
Fong Lye