11 September 2012

Foh Chuan Restaurant @ Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu

Salted vegetables or ham choi are always one of my favourites dishes whether it comes in soup, stir fry with other ingredients, or as a side dish. Among all different types of stir fry salted vegetables I ever tried, the good ones are the one I tried in Penang and the ones in my hometown at Foh Chuan Restaurant, Penampang. Foh Chuan is famous for few of its signature dishes, mainly on their salted vegetables. This place is always packed especially during lunch hours.

Salted Vegetables & Sliced Pork

Sweet & Sour Pork
This typical chinese sweet & sour pork dish was cooked perfectly as the pork was deep fried perfectly and then mixed together with a combination of onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers, dressed with their sweet & sour sauce.

Roasted Pork
Their signature roasted pork was roasted perfectly as it taste crispy and delicious. The sliced roasted pork was poured around with their sauce making it tasty to eat alone or with your rice.

Salted Vegetables & Sliced Pork
Their main star was their preserved salted vegetables cooked with sliced pork and other condiments which makes this dish so superb. The salted vegetables was cooked just right with the right amounr of saltiness and sourness which makes this dish so mouth watering ! You can opt to cook their salted vegetables with other ingredients too.



Restoran Foh Chuan,

Bundusan Commercial Centre,
Penampang, 88300