3 August 2012

Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe @ The Sphere, Bangsar South

Korean cuisines has always been a Malaysian's favourite gourmet notably from its variety of side dishes served (banchan) and a healthier way of cooking their delicacies. I personally adore Korean food as I find myself consuming more vegetables (I'm a meatarian!) as heavier amount of different greens are used in their dishes. Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe at The Sphere, Bangsar South was a latest addition there and I recommend this place for their cheap price and high quality food !
Beef Bulgogi

Korean Rice Nectar
Oiso was fully packed during lunch hours with mostly nearby office staff coming to savour their delicious food ! As we were waiting for our table, the friendly Korean owner was kind to offer us their signature cold Korean rice nectar, this sweet rice grain drink taste superb especially it was hot that noon !

Korean Ginseng Tea
A refreshing Korean ginseng tea for Rm 6.90 was really good to quench my thirst as it the taste was perfectly mix.

The 5 of us ordered lunch set as it ranges from RM 10.90 to Rm18.90 (drinks excluded). The Banchan served in our set lunch were kimchis, eggrolls, and anchovies. The anchovies & eggrolls taste delicious and compliments our main meals, but the kimchi was too sour for us to consume. I am not sure though if this side dishes are refillable. 

Chicken Bibimbap (RM 13.90)
A healthy choice of chicken bibimbap complimented with sliced vegetables & egg, soup, and bibimbap sauce makes this dish taste refreshing & healthy ! There was a slight unpleasant burnt smell when it arrives, but the taste was great!

Doen Jang Jigae (RM 10.90)
This dish was actually made out of vegetable stew with fermented soybean paste with a touch of seafood ingredients cooked in a pot. Since it contains fermented paste, the soup was salty and not spicy at all (even though it contains chili). I still like this dish as the I prefer my food be a bit saltier  and it compliments with rice served. A healthy meal indeed.

Soon Du Bu Jigae (RM 10.90)
Whenever I visit Korean restaurants, I would never miss out ordering my favourite Soon Du Bu Jigae ! It contains seafood, tofu, eggs, vegetables, gochujang (chili powder) and an egg which was well cooked in a broth. Comparatively to other major Korean restaurants in KL, the soup was more diluted and light taste and well, it was very spicy to me (not my level) but that it what makes is sooooooo good. Bathe in sweat again !
Seafood Kal Kuk Su (RM 10.90)
This Korean noodle soup made out of flat fresh wheat noodles, zucchini and seafood was nice and the taste was not that heavy.

Beef Bulgogi (RM 15.90)
Their bulgogi portion was so generous as I believe it is enough for 2 person. Compared to other bulgogi dishes I ever tried, this one taste great as the beef was perfectly cooked and served with sliced vegetables and heavily flavoured gravy to compliment your rice !

Smile you fool !
Overall, the food here is great ! Do come early as it is fully pack during lunch hours. Look forward to try their Korean steamboat in the future !


Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine & Cafe

Unit G-3, Ground Floor, The Sphere, No. 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi 
Kuala Lumpur 59200
Oiso Korean Traditional Cuisine Cafe