5 August 2012

Kedai Makanan Herbal Soup @ Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur

After my visit to the original KTZ stall in Kepong Baru, I decided to head there once again to see what food stalls are nice eat. Unfortunately the famous chicken wing stall that I was aiming to go for, was closed. Hence, I decided to stop by this stall named Kedai Makanan Herbal Soup which serves only a few types of chinese cuisine.
Steamed Ginger Fish

Vegetable Rice
You are given two options for your rice ; plain white rice or vegetable rice (thats what they say). I decided to try this vegetable rice as it was cooked with variety of vegetables which makes the rice tasty. This rice reminds me much of lotus leaf rice as the taste was quite similiar.

Stir Fry Lettuce
 A normal vegetable dish which was stir fry with garlic. Tasted salty.

Herbal Soup
The herbal soup served was just clear herbal soup without anything inside it except for the cilantro added inside ! It tasted heavy with the herbal ingredients which is quite nourishing.

Steamed Ginger Fish
The main star of the meal was this steamed ginger fish. The fish served was really fresh as we can its freshness in its meat texture. The fish was complimented with a heavy amount of crushed ginger, soy sauce, and some red chili. The taste was good as the ginger did not empower the freshness of the fish. 

Note: For a small size, you only get one side of the fish !

Herbal Soup Stall
Overall, the meal cost us a whooping RM 50 ! Well, I guess it must be the steamed ginger fish as it was quite fresh.


Kepong Baru, 
52100 Kuala Lumpur 
Kedai Makanan Herbal Soup