10 August 2012

Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Finally, I get to try my hands on Ikuzo Ramen as many friends suggest this place due to its relatively cheap price & a variety of side dishes to choose from. I must say, I'm quite impressed with the types of Ramen served here with a galore of condiments to choose from, not to mention their vast choices of accompanying side dishes and finishing off with a wallet-friendly bill ! A worthy meal for a cheaper price and without the addition of any nasty MSG/soup concentrates/artificial flavouring in their meals.

Chicken Balls @ RM 2
The menu offers a range of different flavours & customization of your side dishes to savour on. It may not be up to par with high level & premium Japanese cuisines, but the place is really heartwarming and delightful to dine in for a delicious simple Japanese ramen meal.

Condiments & Spice
Dont forget for the free condiments that you can use in your ramen broth or side dishes, a good way in customizing your condiments in your meals !

Note: Here is a list of the condiments & spices you can use :

  • Chili paste 
  • Sliced garlic 
  • Pickled chili 
  • Shicimi
  • Ginger sesame oil 
  • Ponzu 
  • Peanut Paste
  • Fried shallots 
  • White pepper
  • Chili Oil 

Green Tea Milk
 Their Green Tea Milk taste so good without it being too sweet and cooling when it is a super hot day !

Ice Lemon Tea

Ginger Green Tea
What ? Ginger ? NOT a fan of ginger, but this drink does not use heavy amounts of ginger so it does not empower the essence of green tea.

Cha-Shu Ramen @ RM 8.90
Remember to order their Cha Shu Ramen as this signature ramen offers a thick shoyu broth accompanied with 5 slices of pork & seaweed. It taste really good & amazing for what you get for only RM 8.90 compared to other chains that can suck you out for RM 20++ a bowl ! 

Note: You can choose between thin noodle or thick flat noodle.

Tokyo Ramen @ RM 7.90
This Tokyo ramen was made famous in Tokyo with its blend of pork slices, seaweed, bamboo shoots, egg, and spinach with was a good mixture that makes the shoyu based soup rich in flavours and delicious.

Hokkaido Ramen @ RM 8.90
This healthy ramen is one my favourites as the Hokkaido miso based soup was revolutionized with bean sprouts, spinach, corns, and pork slices. Some may find this soup a bit saltier than usual but i loved the extra saltiness in my food :P

Edamame @ RM 2.80
Aaahh..side dishes are quite cheap here. I never miss ordering a bowl of edamame to chew on. It seems many people always mistakenly eat the peas with skin too, do throw the skin in the bowl provided. What i like about this, it was served hot but it was too salty. 

Gyoza @ RM 4.50
 Gyoza served here are ordinary, nothing much to say about.

Fried Chicken Balls @ RM 2.00
RM 2 for 3 balls? A good deal but the chicken balls were lack in taste as the flour & ginger smell was empowering the taste.

Overall, I would recommend this revolution ramen shop as the pricewise its friendly & the ambience is great !


Ikuzo Ramen

No. 52, Jalan SS2/61
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7873 3110
Ikuzo Ramen at Petaling Jaya