21 June 2012

Wah Cheong Restaurant's Chicken Rice - Sentosa Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Chicken rice has always been one of Malaysia's favourite choice whether it is lunch,dinner or even breakfast ! There are many great chicken rice stalls that can be found spawning around Klang Valley, and Wah Cheong's Chicken Rice in S17, PJ is no exception to that. 

Chicken Rice
Located around the corner shop nearby Caring Pharmacy and Hong Seng Restaurant, the chicken rice served here was really delicious and always been one of my favourite hotspots for lunch.

Chicken Rice Stall
Do come at least by 12 pm as this place is fully packed with office staffs having their lunch break. Just go to their stall and order if you are having there or line up if you plan to take away their delicious pack rice !

Fragant Rice
The rice served here taste great and warm. Normally, this stall serves your dish (with a choice of char siew, siew nyuk, or chicken) accompanied with bean sprouts and soup. I do find the chili they make is quite good though.

Bean Sprouts !
You can also indulge in some of their optional side dishes such as the braised eggs I ordered which taste superb, or some vegetables. Although this stall may no be the best chicken rice stall, i would still give it a thumbs up as I love their roasted juicy meats and side dishes.

Jalan 17/29, Petaling Jaya. It’s located at the same row as Caring Pharmacy and SBB Bank (CIMB). 

Jalan 17/29 
Section 17 
Petaling Jaya
Kedai Kopi Wah Cheong