7 June 2012

Umami Cafe ~ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

If you are nearby Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, do try Umami Cafe which serves fusion gourmet of Japanese meets Chinese cooking. I find this Cafe quite interesting as it serves japanese food and coffee at the same time with a touch of modern edge and most importantly pork ! This place is very suitable for youngsters or teenagers to have a drink or host a small gathering in a warm and cozy ambience.

Udon Set + Mini Garlic Chahan

Also, thanks to LivingSocial for giving their discount on their Bento Sabah Teriyaki Set OR Ramen Set / Udon Set (10 Choices) + Green Tea @ Umami Cafe which saves me some $$$.

Here is a brief description of their shop:

Umami 旨味 is a loanword from the Japanese umami(うまみ ?) meaning pleasant savory taste.旨味 Umami (good taste) are used for a more general meaning, when a particular food is considered to be delicious. A japanese style-chinese cuisine restaurant (中華料理)

We were first served with their green tea (hot & cold) in their cute cups which was nothing special as they use normal green tea. Not much of a big deal.

Green Tea ( Hot & Cold)

For their Udon set, I decided to go with their Tonkotsu Garlic Udon which was a serving of udon cooked in a broth of garlic and melted butter accompanied with sliced pork and egg. I really find the taste something new and innovative as i could taste the strong garlic aroma permeating the broth mixed with melted butter. I applaud them as their choices of Udon set are creative such as using cheese or curry which is not what we seen everyday in a typical japanese restaurant. Thumbs up for this dish

Tonkotsu Garlic Udon
Also, accompanied by this set, was a mini garlic chahan or fried garlic rice which i find the portion is really big. The garlic fried rice taste ordinary for me as it taste like a homemade fried rice but it was suitable as the design of the shop was to reflect the comfort of a cozy home.

 Mini Garlic Chahan

The Bento Sabah set was a dissapoinment to me. Not only the portion is so small, it looks unappetizing and too simple. The fish was accompanied with some baby octopus on salad, and a slice of cooked salmon. Certanly not filling is you are famished..

Bento Sabah Teriyaki
Besides the main dishes, I decided to try their side dishes starting with the Gyoza. Most japanese restaurant will serve Gyoza and Umami itself serves for RM 7.90 and it was ordinary to me. Nothing much to crave about as the garnishing tasted heavy in its Gyoza.

As I said earlier, Umami serves fusion and one of the side dishes certainly captures my attention. The Buta Enoki Roll was served with somehow bacon like straps wrapped around carrots and leeks. Cooked with sweet sauce, I kinda like this dish though.

Buta Enoki Roll
Ahh.... The ambiance was something special as it is design uniquely which serves great fusion food and cozy sittings for that noisy gathering of you and friends. This is place may not serve classy or fine dining standards gourmet but certainly is worth a try,


What do you think? 

1-01, 1st Floor, K-Gallery, Lot Bandar Menjalara,  Jalan 1/62a, Taman Manjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


Their Facebook page :Umami Cafe Umami Café


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