9 June 2012

Nando's - Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

If you do want to try a variety of spiciness, do come by Nando's as they offer four different flavours of chicken. Jaya One Nando's was no exception to that as their service and dishes cooked are up to its standard. Prices are average as each of us pay RM 25.

Hot Peri-peri Chicken
 Most of you should know and tasted Nando's before, here is some opinions if you never went here before.

Bottomless Iced Lemon Tea
As we came in 4 pax, we decided to ordered their family set for 4. There is no need to order extra as the portions served are more than enough. However, drinks are not included and you can get iced lemon tea or soft drinks for a mere RM 5.90 which is refillable. Drinks are nothing tasty and ordinary to discuss here.

Side Dish : Fried Chips
As we are eligible to choose few side dishes, we started off with their fried chips which is a must try for me ! I like their chips as they are fried perfectly & garnished with turmeric powder without overfrying or excessive oiling. Yum-yum!

Green Salad
Not to forget about a balanced meal, their salad was also inclusive in the meal. Just some ordinary green salad to me topped with onions, olives and carrots. However, I find their salad dressing extremely sour and was not tempting me to continue chewing. Do put a little dressing only and toss if you are eating this.

Side Dish : Coleslaw
The coleslaw served here taste exactly like KFC's coleslaw. Not my favourite but it is still ok in terms of taste. Nothing much to be crazy about.

Lemon & Herb
Since we are given 4 pieces of chicken, we ordered the Lemon & Herb, Mild Hot Peri-Peri, Hot Peri-Peri, and Extremely Hot Peri-Peri which all taste superb to me. Their chicken was roasted to perfection and topped off with their respective sauce tasted juicy. If you are a person who rarely eat spicy food, do take the Lemon & Herb or Mild Hot Peri-Peri.

Bolo Bread & Garlic Butter
The bread taste great if you slabbed your garlic butter on it. It is served together with the meal. Gotta try !
Sweet Potato
This is a must order, fried sweet potatoes which taste a blend of saltiness & sweetness. Crunch and soft at the same time. Love it !

Types of Sauces
Do not forget as you are in Nando's, their homemade sauces are available. I personally recommend the garlic Peri-Peri as it taste great with any dish. Nothing is complete in Nando's without this.

Caution : Extra Hot Peri - Peri are not for amateurs.

Whole Menu

Jaya One 72a, Jalan Universiti,  
46200 Petaling Jaya