3 June 2012

Ikea Food Court ~ Ikano Power Centre, Petaling Jaya

Located nearby The Curve Shopping Mall, Ikea Food Court serves great warm heartfelt meals at Ikano Power Centre. Their meals served are of Swedish origin which has a great cuisine taste and perfect to power up your shopping spree in Ikea for bargain yet classy furniture hunting. I personally love having lunch or dinner at their food court as it is beautifully designed which a modern edge for customers shopping there.   

Here is a recent information for fellow visitors of IPC, Ikea Family Card is open for registration, just go to their store and find PC's to register which are available throughout the store. With this card, you can get some great discount and special prices on their items. 

Ikea family Card

If you have as taste for Swedish furniture in Ikea, there is no way you would hate their Swedish Meatballs served with fries. You can have a choice of 10/14/20 pieces of meatballs ( RM 10.00- RM 16.00) which comes with fries and their plum sauce. This is their signature dish and a must order if this is your first time to Ikea ! The trick is to dip your heavily creamed meatballs in the plum sauce and then take a bite which taste heavenly as their beef meatballs are cooked fragrantly. By the way, chili, ketchup or mustard sauce are self service and available for free ! 

Swedish Meatballs with Fries
Hate beef ? Well, then try the Chicken Breast with Pasta which was simply cooked to perfection. The chicken breast was cooked to the right level and served with carbonara flavoured rich penne pasta tossed with high fibre vegetables such as yellow capsicum, carrots, french beans, and leeks. This meal is perfect for a well balanced meal to give you that boost in your shopping hunt.  

They do serve other dishes too such as salmon, or grilled chicken which in my opinion is a very healthy choice for anyone.

Chicken Breast with Pasta

Nothing is complete with some appetizers or green vegetables in our meal. For only RM 4, you can indulge in their homemade salad consisting of sliced carrots, lettuces, alfalfa sprouts served with thousand island dressing. A simple delicious dish I would say but presented well.

Salad with Dressing

Salad with Dressing
Chicken wings in Ikea are not so bad, not that much special but it was grilled perfectly with the right amount of oil. It may not be out of this world, but certainly earns a higher level of taste which was crispy and tasteful.

Fried Chicken Wings
One thing i would congratulate them, their drinks are really cheap compared to other shops who charge so expensive for a small cup of coffee. For just RM 2, free coffee refills are available which taste not bad. Even Spritzer mineral water cost RM 1 only each. Oh, meals are self service so grab your food tray trolleys and select your meals through a wide variety of salads, main meals, deserts, and pastries.

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2 Jalan PJU 7/2

Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Ikea Restaurant and Café


  1. The meatballs definitely something can't miss at Ikea food court!

    1. Agreed ! Loved their meatballs with their plum sauce!


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