30 June 2012

High Tea at Ying Ker Lou Hakka Cuisine - Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Tea can refer to any of several different meals or mealtimes, depending on a country's customs and its history of drinking tea. Similiar to my previous posting on Chao Yen dim sum break, Ying Ker Lou also serves their 3 pm - 6 pm high tea Dim Sum break similiar to Chao Yen. The only difference here is Chao Yen serves Teochew style Dim Sum whereas Ying Ker Lou serves Hakka style Dim Sum.

Tea ( per pax)

It seems not many dishes were available to order that time. However, they still have a great variety of choices ranging from dim sums to fried noodles. Prices ranges from RM 3 to RM 6 which is not inclusive of government tax and service charge.

Yum Cha & High Tea Dim Sum Menu

White Fungus & Boiled Pear
I started indulging in their sweet soups, their white fungus & boiled pear was quite good. It's sweetness was just right as it permeates the taste of the pear essence and white fungus flavour. The Chinese tea was really good too as lots of tea leaves were used in a pot for your serving.

Char Kuey Teow

Although you can order heavier dishes such as noodles and porridge, their portion is not big but small so you dont have to worry about spoiling your dinner! Their fried kuey teow was really good, I love how they cooked it with different ingredients which is really different than other typical fried kuey teows. 

Pork Porridge
Porridge tasted normal to me as it was nothing special as it was just porridge with the blended taste of pork flavouring.

Char Siew Bao
At first, I was mistaken as their buns look different than the normal buns, taste was also nothing special.

Siew Mai
Ok..the siew mai here was also nothing special. Taste of prawn like every ordinary siew mai does. Lol

Fried Hopo Vegetable Dumplings

This dish is quite nice as my mum like it and worht ordering since it is only RM 3. Truthfully speaking, the dim sums was not really great in taste but it is really a relaxing place to enjoy that quiet high tea with your family.

Ying Ker Lou Chinese-Hakka Cuisine

Lot 1.03.00 & 1.04.00,

Level 1, Pavilion KL

168, Jln Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL

GPS Coordinates: N3 08.936 E101 42.822
Tel 03-2148 1413
Ying Ker Lou Hakka Cuisine