28 May 2012

Worthy Book 2012/2013 - Voucher & Discounts Booklet

Recently, with the increasing phenomenon of online coupon vouchers and discounts cards around Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, great savings can be made especially in F & B. As a food blogger myself, these are great deals to save alot money in food hunting. Worthy Book seems to be among the latest in which offers great discounts and vouchers for Food & Beverages around Klang Valley.

I bought the book from Popular which is retailed for Rm 29.90. However you can get a cheaper deal for Rm 19.90 from milkadeal.com. Hurry, there are a few days left only ! 

There are many shops participating (such as Shogun, Sushi Tei, etc) and some vouchers offer free membership (Kimgary, Planet Popcorn, etc) ! I recommend you all to do get one booklet as coupons expires March 2013 and it is really a great deal for food hunters around Klang Valley! 

For more information, do look at their website or FB page:

FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/worthybook