22 May 2012

Upperstar Restaurant ~ Kota Kinabalu

Upperstar Restaurant/Cafe is definitely one of the hotspots to gather and have a chat with your friends or family which is complimented with its cozy atmosphere and not to forget cheap prices ! They spread around 3 branches (Damai, Lintas, Segama) which serves high quality West or Oriental dishes.

Heres a brief post about their lunch menu which is offered everyday at unbelievable low prices includung public holidays! For a mere Rm 10, you are able to indulge in some tasteful Nasi lemak or Spaghetii Carbonara and for RM1.80, you can add a glass of iced lemon tea or soft drink.

Iced Lemon Tea

The Hainanese Chicken Rice was average and edible. Served with soup and some preserved vegetables, the taste was not bad accompanied by 3 sauces. I do wish the chicken served was not that fat though.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Aaa. One of my favourite dish was the Nasi Lemak King. The portion served really fits the name of the dish. Santan rice served with curry chicken and grilled chicken, complimented with spicy sambal sauce and satay stick was a perfect blend to this local dish! The taste? Exquisite and affordable!

Nasi Lemak Special
Im sorry for this short post as i have no time to find the other Western dishes. Would update this post soon ! Thanks !

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